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HA! I've been spelling Bangal wrong this entire time! LOL. thought it was "el", not "al". anyhow....

You guys have funny cats. My Bangal, Sebastien, does some strange stuff. Probably does stuff I havent noticed yet. I'm glad you other bangal owners are here to compair notes with. I havent had too much trouble with his water dish, he only dumped it once in the 3wks I've had him. I'll put a pic of my lil buddy up when I get one taken. Is there a link open with a picture of anyone elses Bangals?

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My foster cat just reached into my glass of ice water with his paw and pulled out a cube.

He's now playing "hockey" with his foster sister.

He just tippd over the whole glass to geyt more ammo. Gotta run.
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Crisis resolved. What little water that was left in the glass mostly got on Cassidy. He's wet but very happy with new frozen toys.
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We have 3 bengal's.
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I bought one of those self watering bowls yesterday, but I've only seen one of them using it. I put it down and took the old glass bowl away and Leo had a fit. He walked around whining and crying. I thought something was wrong with him, he was so pitiful. He came into the kitchen and looked at the spot where the old bowl was, so I filled it up and gave it back to him. He ran right over and statred dipping his paws. If it makes him that happy, he can keep it. He really doesn't make much of a mess, the others just don't seem to like him putting his paws in their water. Maybe everyone will be happy now. They can drink out of one and Leo can dip his paws in the other. The funny thing is, Leo doesn't lick the water off his paws, he just dips them.
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Krazy Kat, You have a good heart! You want your kitty to be happy even if he makes a mess you have to clean up. That's sweet.
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