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Plays with water bowl

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Ok last night I came home and I find Loki's water bowl completely empty - thought he payed too rough and knocked it over accidentely. Wrong yesterday he adopted a now game - pull and pocke the water dish until it spills water and watch the water run.

No matter what I did, distract him, put him into a time out closet for 5 minutes right after, you name it I tried it. It's just one wonderful game to him.

Last night I ordered a buddy bowl - the kind that dosen't spill even up-side-down. It can't come fast enough for me - but what do I do in the meantime.

Any suggestions...
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Loki sounds like a cutie :tounge2: of course it probably makes a bit of a mess. . .

here's a few ideas. . .put water bowl in a high rimmed tray so that when he plays the water goes inside the tray; put water bowl on a big bath towel; put water bowl in sink or bathtub.

I think putting a big container of water just for Loki in the bathtub would be the easiest since there is no cleaning up after him and he can play to his heart's desire. Good luck.
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Thanks - I the tub idea is great - I'll use that in the meantime.

He is such love bug and I thought he would be mad at me for puting him into the closet for time out - nope. As soon as I opened the door he headed straight for his new toy and another round - go figure!!

I am actually not really concerned about the mess but the fact that he if he knocks the water out of the bowl already in the AM he won't have anything to drink till I get home from work.

Left the toilet bowl lid up just in case (YUCK) - not a big fan of that but better than nothing for the moment.

thanks again....

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Is Loki your bengal??? I ask because Gizmo used to do this constantly to their water bowls! So, we ended up buying the Drinkwell Fountain, which he can't knock over, but he still scoops the water out.

Now, the 3 bengals have a very bady habit: they only drink from the water faucet Whenever we come home from work, Gizmo is up on the counter waiting for us. He will stand on the faucet with both paws and meow. He even headbutts the faucet, and will tap the faucet with one paw. It's cute, but well, a bad habit. He's gotten Tigger to meow now, too. We think they like the water out of the faucet because it's fresh and cold. Even with the drinkwell, I don't think the water is fresh, even with the filter pad.
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Leo likes to scoop water and lick it off his paws. I guess Georgia doesn't like that, because she runs up and smacks him if she sees it. I have tried 2 bowls, but he sticks his paws in both of them, then Georgia howls until I give her fresh water in both bowls. The other 2 don't seem to care. It's cute, but I am getting a little tired of the Battle of the Water Bowls!
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Tigger - how did you guess . He is a 2 year old tri color marble bengal that I got through the Bengal Rescue Network at age 7 months.

Would not trade him for the world. He is really pretty good otherwise - considering he is a Bengal.

Well I hope the buddy bowl arrives today before work closes at 2PM - otherwise I'll have to wait till Monday... I'll let you guys know if it works out and if not on to the Drinkwell Fountain.
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Wow, I didn't know you got him thru the Rescue Group!! I belong to their Yahoo Group, and sometimes I get on the different regions to see the bengals that are up for adoption! There's one in the Southwest (California, I think) and she is a female who gives kisses!

Let me know how the buddy bowl turns out because maybe I will buy one if it works for you!
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I'm so jealous of all of you with Bengals. They are such beautiful animals and they sound like they are tons of fun!

Susan, if you found one fuzzy mouse, expect more! Trust me on this one. We went through a kitty phase where every day there was a ball, a mouse, a twist tie or some other toy in the water bowl! It's down to about once a week now, but they have also taken to keeping their toys in their food dishes. Who said not to play in your food???
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The buddy bowl is a great success - he lost interest within 1 day. The only drawback I can see is that cats might not want to stick their face into the bowl as deeply as needed in oder to drink. The way it works it that a cone shape insert is placed inside the bowl and when the bowl is moved, turned over the water drains into a
spill-over reservouir. That mean the kitty would have to put their head into the cone shaped insert up to their eye-brows (don't think this is quite natural for them.) Anyway no problem with Loki and I would highly recommend it. YEAH!!!
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wrong - I have to eat my words - he is managing to dump water out of the spill proof bowl.

The score now is:

Bengal 4
Spill proof bowl: 0

It's into the tub with the bowl until he tires of it. or..........do you guys have other suggestions
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How about one of those self-watering bowls they sell at Petsmart? They make them in large dog sizes that I can't imagine a kitty being able to knock over. It would probably waste water to refill it every day, but at least you wouldn't have the mess.
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My Cally (a little calico) always lets me know when it's time to fill the water. We have one of those waterbowls with the jug attached so it is several days' worth of water and when it gets low, to about an inch left in the jug, she knocks it out of the bowl and onto the floor. I guess that is her self-appointed job!

I think it's cute. Our floor is tile and she never really spills enough to get excited about. One paper towel and it's all gone.
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Sorry, but I had to laugh at your bengal's behavior!:tounge2: I can understand your frustration, though! We cannot leave water bowls down for Gizmo because he does the same thing Even the Drinkwell's don't work that great because someone keeps splashing the water out!
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I am not that frustrated - actually It's quite amazing if you think about it. Last night the bowl won!!!! I found it upside down without any water spilled, but as soon as I picked it up all the water came flooding out!!!

Next stop the Graden Center - I think I am trying to get a a small stone bird bath - that is heavy enough so he can't move it and put it on the pastic tray... If I find something I'll let you know how it works.

They say we should provide lots of stimulation for them and I think I am doing a good job (hehehehehe) but I think this it is also visa versa in this case - he does keep me on my toes.

......so you see naming him after the Norse God of Mischief was very appropriate.

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Cool, let me know what you find! Ours won't drink out of the drinkwell anymore Well, I take that back ..... they will if they have to. Sometimes, it is funny to watch them play with the water, but when you have to always clean up the spills, that can get old real quick!
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Thanks for the suggestion - I actually considered it but - that thing would be dumped over and dismantled in no time he would take a running start if he had to, trust me on that one. That is why I am looking for something low, flat and very heavy. Thanks anyway....
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And some people call them "dumb animals." I'm sorry, but picturing all of this is keeping a smile of my face! We're constantly being outwitted by 7 lbs. of purring fluff!
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I grew up with cats in the house and was owned by several but they were nothing like this 12lbs, lean, Bengal machine. I would not trade him for the world, he is my baby - eventhough right now he turning my bathroom into a swimming pool. Yes, they doooooo rule don't they!
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Put him in a "timeout closet"???

Cat owners, PLEASE realize that cat's are NOT dogs. They do NOT understand disciplinary acts but DO associate whatever action you take as simply being MEAN to them. Instead of foolishly punishing the cat, why not simply tape/velcro/weight down the water bowl so it won't move, and thus the cat won't be able to tip it over? Velcro's probably your best bet. Buy a strip that's self-adhereing, stick one piece on the floor (hopefully not carpet, because it won't stick well) and the opposing piece on the bottom of the water bowl. That should hold it.

There are MANY ways to intelligently deal with an animal's habits, without having to punish them (which, again...cats DON'T understand.) Just use your head...
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Hey, we put Gizmo & Scooter (our 2 bengals) in the "timeout room" when they misbehave. We put them in "their" bedroom (litter, food, water, toys) and close the door when they are being mean to Tigger (our female bengal).

I'm going to defend the bengals: they are extremely intelligent cats, and believe me when I say it, but they know at times when they have mis-behaved.
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I have to agree with Tigger. The experts consider cats to be just as intelligent as dogs; however, being more independent, they may or may not respond well to correction. My Siamese are very obedient. Every cat I had knew when it was doing something wrong, whether or not he responded to correction.
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Believe me, I wasn't at all trying to imply that cats are stupid--they're definitely not--just mentioning that it's been suggested that cats don't, apparently, associate displine with whatever they did wrong (in YOUR eyes.)
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Loki knows exactly when he isn't supposed to do something and does understand NO - but at times doesn't stop him from doing whatever when he is hyper-focused on it ....and if you ever have experienced a Bengal you will know what I am talking about.

I have tried everything possible, even Velcro (he had that bowl loose within 5 Minutes) and tape once it gets wet it is useless. Besides the floor has to be very level to use the above methods - otherwise there is not enough contact.


What I have found to work is to put the "Virtually" (hehehehe) spill proof bowl into the bathroom sink and keep it filled to the top. That way it's too heavy for him to lift it out of the sink, and believe me he tried and almost made it once (that bowl holds a good 1/2 gallon of water - weight lifter bengal ), he can however flip it on it's side for the water to spill. Since it's in the sink it'll just go down the drain and once it's empty he isn't interested in it anymore anyway. Hopefully in a short while he will get over this fascination!
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Originally posted by Hell603
Hopefully in a short while he will get over this fascination!
I highly doubt that!:LOL: :tounge2: If you have a secret to that, pleeeeeaassssseee share it with me! Gizmo has been fascinated with water since he was 6 1/2 weeks old!
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What I actually meant to sya was is that I am hoping he'll get over the fascination with the water bowl and go back to pushing the water filter that is attached to the kitchen faucet into the sink to watch the water that collected in the spout trickle out... :tounge2:
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Weight lifter Bengal is right! A half gallon of water weighs 4 pounds. That's more than half the body weight of a small cat. I know a Bengal is not that small; have you considered signing him up with the WWF?
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Well he is 12lbs. of pure muscle and I believe that being in need of a manicure and his persistence is definitely on his side.

But alas Mom does not allow him to play with the big boys (hehehe...)- he might hurt them.
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Too funny I just caught this thread. I too have a bengal and I too have the same water issue as you, Tigger and Hell603.

Believe it or not Molly actually got over her obsession with tipping the water glass over. I set a glass of water on the coffee table becuase Lily the older cat has always loved to drink water that way. She feels like one of the "people"! :LOL: Molly would tip it over daily. 3am I would hear her out there trying to tip the glass over. I stayed loyal to the glass idea and after several battles, she just one day... gave up. (Knock on wood) She loves water. Takes daily showers with me.

Good luck on your quests. Loki may just grow out of it... or find a new quest!
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I got an "untippable" dish, but Tess just scooped the water out onto the carpet and i was back to square one.

I glued a huge(2lb.), flat magnet on the bottom of a big plastic bowl. Placed this in a large plastic storage tub, put another large magnet underneath the tub, thus making the dish hold fast to the tub, but still be removable for cleaning with some effort. The tub held any water that was scooped out, so there was at least something for Tess to drink until I could fill the bowl again. She caught on immediately that she needed to jump in the tub to get to the water, and it didn't seem to bother her at all.
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Wow you are very creative! Sounds great!! The "spill proof bowl" in the sink is doing the trick. He already calmed down a bit ...But the funny, or rather inteligent, thing is that he always drinks before playing with the bowl knowing no water would be available thereafter.
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