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I Bought a New Car Today!!!

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After several months talking about it-we finally did it!!!
Actually the Explorer needed new tires so why get them to trade it in a couple of months
Its a 2006 Mercury Milan v6 Premier. The dealer had to trade for the color and options so we are picking it up on Wednesday.
DH was impressed at my bargaining skills for the value of my trade in as the price of the new vehicle was fixed by my Ford purchase plan. This dealership was pretty easy to work with however.
So I'm not telling my sis until I pick her up on Thur from the airport and Mom and dad will see it on Friday. That's going to be really hard to do.
Now we just have to battle over who gets to drive it home!!!!
It will be so different as we haven't had a car since 1991 just trucks and suv's.
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How exciting! It feels so good to get a new vehicle!
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Well done Gail! I am sure you are looking forward to driving it as much as I am my new car! Have fun.
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Have fun!!
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Congratulations! Now that is a nice Christmas present to yourself!
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That's great! Now try not to drive too fast for the sheer rush of adrenaline....
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Kewl ... are you willing to come help when I need a barginner
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YAY! That is fantastic! We just bought what was for me, my very first brand new car last month. DH and I had to come to a compromise on who could drive it though...we alternate days! But since my back went out the other day I've been driving the old car since it's easy to get in and out of.

I'm not sure I know what kind of car exactly you got. By the name anyway. What color did you get?
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Congatulations and good for you! I've never been good at haggling. I read an article once about talking them down on cars, but I just couldn't do it.
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Congratulations Gail!!!
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How exciting, congratulations!!
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Cool! I'm guessing the Vespa is next on the list?
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Congratulations Gail. It's always nice to get into a new car.
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How Exciting!!! Don't go too fast!!
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I'm not sure if I clicked on the correct color.
It just be so odd to drive a car after 13 yrs of SUV's.
Maybe I take a pic and post on wednesday.
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Congrats, Gail!!!
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Congratulations!! Have fun with your new vehicle!!
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Conga-rats Gail! So...just how much cheese will this new car hold?
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