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I have a problem.........

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Bear has a problem keeping the litter inside the litter box. He will use it but he makes such a mess digging and slinging the litter everywhere. Does anyone ave any ideas on how to stop this. And Bear thinks the tree was made for him, but thats a different story.
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Have you tried a covered litter box? We finally went out a bought the biggest one that we can find with a door on it.I left the door off for a week, so the girls would get use to the new litter box and then put the door on it.It has helped.
Before that, I placed a towel in front of the litter box, so when the girls got a little carried away with slinging......it was easy to clean up.
BTW, kitty's LOVE Christmas trees!! I think all or most of us are finding that out.
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Thanks much.
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I have a huge litter box with sides that slope over so that its harder to kick the litter out and although this reduced the amount of litter escaping, it was still happening.
I think the covered litter box is a good idea, or a huge one with deep sides...
What I did the other day was go out and buy a little hand held hoover and keep it close to the litter box so that everytime I noticed the mess (every 5 minutes ) I can just clean it up!
Its working for me, I just need to convince Mark to 'notice' the mess too...
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I just need to convince Mark to 'notice' the mess too...
If he's anything like my husband Shawn or my 4 kids, GOOD luck!!! They can conviently NOT see things that drive me crazy.You know they have the ability to step over things or look around things.....like toys all over,hunting magazines laying out of the rack,etc.
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Maybe Mark and your husband are long lost brothers...
What would they do without us
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My kitty does the same thing...we finally got him the Booda Dome Clean Step Litter Box on the advice of my best friend and it works! Since he has to walk up the little stairs & around a corner to actually get to the litter, it's almost impossible for him to fling it out of the box. He LOVES the large size, and I love not crunching on cat litter when I walk past. Here's a link so you can see what I mean: http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store....roduct_id=1909

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