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HEllllooooo??? Anybody out there???.......

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Hello!?!?!? *echo....hello....hello.....hello...*

Im bored with nothing to do as usual!! Is there anyone out there who can save my sanity?!?!?! (Ok I know thats a long shot...... hahaha )
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"Here I come to save the day" (Andy Kauffman quote). What's wrong? Nothing to do on the day before a long weekend? I have camp song you can sing. Follow along with me " I AM SLOWLY GOING CRAZY 1-2-3-4-5-6 SWITCH. CRAZY GOING SLOWLY AM I 6-5-4-3-2-1 SWITCH." Keep singing this faster and faster. It might make you crazier, but it is fun when you are going!
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Oh gee thanks Ady!! Now I have resorted to banging my head against my computer!!!! :LOL: hahah Good song that.....now where did we get to?? CRAZY GOING I AM 2-6-3-1-4.... oh nooooo,.... thats not right!!!
How about we SWITCH back to good ol' Walkin' on SunSHIIIINE WOOOOOHOOOOOO and don't it feel good!!!!! hahaha
Soooo lady, what you up to?!?! Anothetr busy day at the office?!?!
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Ady!! Get back here!!! I feel kinda stuuupid singin by myself..... pleeeease come back..... Im lonely..... snif ..... snif...
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Morning (or should I say Afternoon?) Rhea!
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Afternoon AP!!! Will you sing with me?!?!?! HAhahahaha Don't worry.... you don't have to!! Did you bring any chocolate?? :LOL:
Hows your day so far??
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hmmmm....no chocolate. In a salty mood today

I just got here about an hour ago (I's 9:40am) so it's too early to know if today is going to be a good day or not!

But I did get up and go to the gym this morning before work, so that makes it a productive day at the very least.

You get to go home soon don't ya?

Of course I'll sing with you!

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Oooo no Choccy!?!?!? Oh well.... I'll settle for some chips then.....

Hey guess what!?!? I - yes thats ME, choccy loving Bod..... I went to they gym last night!! WOOHOOO!!! I loved it too!! Had a great workout ... but then succumbed to a small amount of Chinese food on the way home.... darn!! But it was reeeealy small.... honest.....:goodbad:

Yep I get to go home soon!! Even sooner today cos Im still on the early shift!! Yipee!! only about an hour and 3/4 to go! Hooray!

So, do you have any exciting stuff planned for the rest of today?? (No, wait don't tell me... I'll get jealous!! hahaha)
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Sorry to disappear Bod - I had a meeting - I have them on and off all day so I will be in and out of the site. I'll sing the sunshine song with you because it is a beautiful sunny day here today. I'll keep up the best I can! If you are bored do an online search on learning how to do origami and make some paper animals!
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Rhea that's great! Any time you get to the gym is awesome!

You're probably already gone, but you'll see tomorrow.....

way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm here too Rhea! Don't you just love working out at the gym. It always makes me feel so good and energized.
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Swing shift, today, so I'mm spending the morning surfing around, reading and, periodically, watching MSNBC. As for saving anyone's sanity - why? Its much more fun to be crazy!
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