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Questions about Food and diet

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a little over six months ago a friend who also has several cats gave me a bag of food Kit and kabuttle and Melody almost broke the bag trying to get to the new smell well ever since then she will NOT eat any other cat food thing is i'm a little worried because she weighs 01 pounds! is that normal or healthy?? i've tried getting her to eat others but she wont budge. so i put food in her bowl once a day and usually she doesn't even eat half by night fall so the next morning there is still food for her to eat. now i'm not sure what to do, should i try changing it? leave her eat it, and if i do will she gain more? because the only place she seems to gain it is on her tummy, i've even tried changing her food i tried to trick her by mixing some of the one she wants with the one who is healthier, she smelled it and looked at me like "yeah like i'm really going to fall for that." anyone else have this problem?
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kit n koobodles is simliar to human junk food ... it tastes good and some cats are fine but there are far healthier alternatives out there... what other foods have you tried??

this chart should help see if she if chubby

When did she last see a vet if you are nt sure I would advise a check up
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OMG I knew she was fat but OMG what do i feed her then? i am not very sure what cat food to give her now.
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Go to petsmart or petco and lokk for a food without by products , colors( dyes) perferably no grd corn( corn gluten is tolerated well by most cats) and one that is naturally preserved...
Natural balence and
some Royal canin food s fit this
authority is also good

.. mix with her kit n koobodles for 10 days gradually adding more of the new food

where on that scale is she???
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When we brought Ginger(7 months old) home from the airport, she did not eat anything for 48 hours Yes, she was tramatized from leaving her siblings, home, and the flight but we were worried so I called her breeder. She said to get a bag of Royal Canin Special 33 because she had found that when a cat(Ocicats in her case) wouldn't eat anything else, it would eat that dry food. RC makes one of the highest grade dry foods available IMO.

We rushed to our Petsmart with just 10 minutes to spare before they closed that Sunday. She has taken to it eagerly since then in fact, we now limit its intake to about 10% of her daily food, the 90% being a mix of Merricks and Natural Balance(Btw, she can not get enough of its "Ocean Fish" formula) canned food. Yes, that RC Special formula is for Adults but she's thriving on her current diet of it and the canned food.

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Originally Posted by sharky

where on that scale is she???
She weighed 10 pounds last time i weighed her which was about 4 days ago. i'm worried about her i mean she only seems to keep the weight in her tummy no where else. when i got her she was 7 months old and weighed 4 1/2 pounds i've had her for almost a year. she was born when charlie hit florida last year.
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sorry occationally I am not clear... based on the link and chart where is she???
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