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Advice Needed *Please Help!*

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I have a silver tabby cat (lucy), who is 9 months old and currently 5 weeks pregnant with her 1st litter. On Sunday, she was involved in some kind of accident, obviously I don't know what happened, but she cannot walk properly, she is eating, but will only drink milk, not water. I rushed her straight to the vets, who checked her over and said she needs plenty of rest, which she is getting. Monday night I noticed blood in her urine, so called the vet who asked me to bring her into his surgery on the tuesday morning, he checked her over an repeated what Id been told on sunday. Shes gradually begining to walk again. I love my cat so much, and its tearing me apart seeing her like this. Im also extremely concerend for her kittens (twins im told). Does anyone know what may happen to them? The vet said that I have one of 3 options, 1. She will continue the pregnancy, and deliver the twins fine. 2. They will abort (How long may this take to happen?) 3. The kittens, as they are under 7 weeks gestation, may be re-absorbed into her body. (What does this mean?) I'd appreciate any help, I just want my beautiful girl back to how she was. I have 4 young children, who desperately want to love her kittens, but obviously my main concern is my Lucy.


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i don't know. hopefully she will have the kittens fine. yes, your main concern should be for the mama kitty. i hope she does okay and hope you decide to get her spayed. let us know how she does. hugs and kisses to your kitty
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You asked what it means if the kittens get reabsorbed. This simply means the pregnancy ends, but instead of delivering the dead kittens, the mother cats body would reabsorb them and the placentas too. Nothing would come out.

I hope you decide to have her spayed as soon as its feasible.
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I read somewhere on the internet today, that the cat delivers 'mummified kittens' if they are reabsorbed. Surely this isnt true? I'd hate to have my 4 children witness this. Im so scared for her
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Well, I have never heard the term "mummified" for a delivery. But in humans, if you have stillborn that has been in the uterus for some time it does indeed become "mummified" so to speak. A friend of mine lost a baby in the 8th month, and they waited to let her go into labor naturally to deliver. 4 weeks passed, so when she finally delivered the child it was a very traumatic site. I won't go into details, but that term you used would be accurate I would say.

Perhaps you can be sure to let the cat deliver in a secluded area where the children would not be able to witness it. The cat would probably prefer no audience too!!
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Thats very sad Daniela, Im so sorry to hear that.

I cant remember where I read it, but I know there are some strange things to read on the internet, but I definately saw it. Im the type of person who always believes what I read. Guess Im a bit naive!

Thanks again,

Neesey xx

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I don't have any advice, but I do have sympathy for what you are going through. I am hoping both your cat and her unborn kittens will be able to get through this. Did the vet think your poor kitty might have been hit by a car?
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I do hope your cat will be fine and I hope you are not afraid of what may happen if she miscarries. Biology is an amazing thing and all living things have a way of healing themselves if they can. Also, sometimes children are far more wise than it seems their years should grant them and you may find that they draw strength by helping you through the experience.

Best of luck,

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One thing your Vet might want to check, just to be sure. Does Lucy have a discharge from her claw beds? The same thing happened to my younger cat - I thought he had been in some sort of accident, as he was limping. It took our Vet a few weeks and several trial and error medications to diagnose Pemphigus Foliaceus. Is Lucy scabbing in the insides of her ears? Is she losing little bits of her hair? Pemphigus is a non-fatal disease that my Vet says dogs usually get, but sometimes (rarely) cats get it too. I hope this is not what Lucy has, but if she does, she'll be just fine with good Veterinary care. Not sure about the kittens, as the treatment involves heavy drugs. Good luck!
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Spacecat: I am glad to hear you are treating your kitty. The condition is not curable, but treatable. I know of someone who put thier cat to sleep because of this condition
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Further to my recent comments about my pregnant cat Lucy. She is now nearly 8 weeks pregnant, and seems to be doing well. Any of you who have human children! May know what I mean by 'Braxton Hicks Contractions', well, do cats get these too? Lucy sometimes has very strange lumps protuding out of her sides, which I can only describe as BH contractions!! I know this as I have 4 children myself, and can relate to how she must be feeling now! Bless, shes doing really well, and seems to be suffering no ill effects after her accident, and we can now see the kitties moving gently in her tummy.

I am now feeding her 4 meals of kitten food a day, and shes having a good serving of cat milk each day, So I can do my best to give her babes the best start possible.

Thanks for listening,
Neesey cxxc:tounge2:
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Neesey, How is Lucy doing?
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Lucy is doing just fine, still pregnant! Due on Wednesday 24th April. She's nesting a bit more, and seems restless, the babies are now moving, and we can see them clearly bumping around in her belly. Will let you know when her fur balls arrive!

Neesey xx
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I am glad to hear that everything has been fine with Lucy and her pregnancy and cannot wait to hear about the new kitten! It sounds as though you and your family are blessed.
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She's still pregnant! Due tomorrow! Today is the day of her 1st mating, 9 weeks ago. Getting fed up waiting, just want to see her kitties now!

Ive tried to add a picture of my beautiful girl, that I took yesterday. I hope I did it right!

Will keep you all updated as thing progress.
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LOL I saw a cat just like that sitting in a box of bird millet the other day, at a petstore!
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Lucy is a very pretty girl! I'm sure her little ones will be beautiful too. Keep us posted!
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