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Carol Mendolia asked to forward this to you for posting far and wide.

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My tiny feral, Poppy, has been on the two-story roof of my apt
complex for 4 mos. now. I've had access to the roof until recently,
and all my efforts to trap didn't work. I recently borrowed a much
larger dog trap, got some catnip spray and was ready to get someone
to help me get it on the roof at another attempt to get her, when I
was prohibited by the property mgmt company from going back on the
roof anymore due to liability and also potential damage to an
already shoddy roof. There is a psychotic man that lives there that
is outraged that he hears her activity every night on the roof.
Before they put a lock on the trap door to the roof recently, he
took his ladder and went up there and we think he tried to shoot her
since we heard gun shots and heavy footsteps, but we couldn't prove
that it was him. Someone witnessed her scurrying into the tree and
make the long drop to a steep incline. She came right back up on
the roof again the next day. She does know how to get down, but only
when she's frightened out of her wits, and then the descent is a
dangerous drop. Talking to the mangement company is not an option; we
had a conference call today and they told me to stop going up on the
roof, stop feeding her, etc. They think she'll come down on her
own, but she's been scared to come back to my patio to eat and sleep
with my other feral due to the recent construction.

I tried to convince them that the psycho man will probably get a ladder long
enough to scale the two-story building and go back up there and kill
her. They said they are going to kick him out on his anniversary
date anyway, but this guy is sneaky.

All I can do now is throw wet food up on the roof to her. Raccoons go up there also and

eat her food and she is now fair game for them and the psycho jerk. The only
thing left if a vigilante intervention. I can't be seen doing
anything toward her anymore or I'll get evicted and I have many cats
that depend on me.

I don't have email at home, but my number is: 805.807.3373, if any help is available.

It's going to be a poor Xmas this year, but I didn't even care, all I wanted on Xmas morning
was to wake up and see my precious Poppy safe and warm on her bed in
the nice big cage I have waiting for her.