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Cat pooping in laundry room.

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Our cat (8mos old) accidentally got locked in the laundry room. When my husband discovered her she had pooped behind the washer and the smell was atrocious! He cleaned it up which wasn't easy. Got it cleaned as best he could and there is no smell, at least not to us. Fortunately, I wasn't here! But now Night (our kitty) TRIES to get behind the washer at every chance. He's black and it's dark back there, and he doesn't always come when called. (no DUH). I have this horrible fear that he'll do it again. He has faithfully used his litter box up until now. And as long as he can't get into the laundry room, he's fine. But he's a sneaky little bugger.

Just wondering what we can put back there to deter him? Seems like once a cat has a notion to do something, VERY little stops him. And is there anything that causes cats to come when they are called?? I know when we are wondering where our dog is in the house, we just say, "Cookie" and she comes running.
Thanks, Susie (owner of two kittens, Night and Day)
...also, thought I would add this...we have found that double sided tape works GREAT keeping cats off furniture. (however, a little tricky getting the tape off the cats when they first discover it)
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Hello and Welcome. I would guess that the only reason you kitty went there is because he got locked in there. I wouldnt think if he has access to his litter pan that he would do it again especially if it was cleaned up well. Hes probablly just discovered a fun place he likes to hide. As for coming when he is called....I would think that is possible since Stormy, my four month old, does that. Not necessarily for her name although she knows her name. lol But if I make the kissy sound with my mouth that brings her running every time.
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try this product to remove the lingering smell. Once the enzymes have knocked down the odor the cats shouldn't go back there. Also after you apply the product keep the door shut at least 24-48 hours for it to work properly.
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They also don't like citrus. After cleaning, you could try hanging a citrus car air freshener back there....
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Thanks, just ordered the Zero Odor and will get some citrus air freshener. Hope this will discourage the little bugger!
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