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Congratulations Hope, I am so pleased for you
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I am so happy your new baby is settling in so well. I am so glad she went to live with you! Give you little pouty boy scritches from me.
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I finally had to give in and seperate her, not because SHE was having trouble adjusting, but because of SIMBA. She wants to have the freedom to roam free around the house, but Simba just isn't going to have that, at least not right now. Now that Angel is in her own seperated room, Simba is back to being his usual self. No tantrums, no growling, no hanging out in the kitchen cubbards. Ms Angel is so lonely in her isolation. When I go in to visit her, she is all over me, for loves and affection. I wish Simba would snap out of it. He's being a real stinker right now.
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Hope, I am so sorry Simba is having a tantrum about his new sister. I'm sure once he gets used to the idea will be be thankful she is there. I'm sending good vibes that this happens fast!
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Angel sounds lovely, Hope. I hope Simba will return to his usual self soon, and I imagine he will. But I know that it doesn't help you to hear that much at the moment. Introducing a new cat can be tough for other resident cats. But I have a feeling once they become familiar with each other they will be playing together ALL the time! Your house will become a Bengal disaster zone!
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Aww bless! I really hope Simba will come around - I reckon once he realizes he's stuck with her, then he'll make the best of it!! Scritchies to all - and good vibes for everyone!
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Congratulations with your new furbaby!!!!!! I am looking forward to the pics
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Yay!! I'm so happy she made it to her new home safely. I'm sure Simba will get over it soon, once he realizes hes not going to miss out on any of mom's love. Good luck!
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Oh YAY!! I'm so glad she's home now, and settling in well!! Sorry that Simba's being a little brat. I'm sure he'll get over it soon, as he realizes that she's here to stay and that you still love him just as much.
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Congratulations! I'm glad everything went smoothly for you.
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