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Litter Box

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We have a 4 month old kitten and I need to know if it is going to hurt him if we spray air freshener in his box after he goes? My daughter heard that it can hurt him.
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If it hurts must depend on what is in the refreshener...

But better not to mix deodorants here. I did heard about a german survey about cats with eliminating troubles. A heavy part of them were cats with parfumed litter-sand.
Ie to to have parfumed litter in ANY way is probably asking for trouble.
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If you put air freshener in his litter it could very well hurt him.

But even if it wouldn't, i wouldn't do it because he would probably not like it and start leaving you little messages under the couch....
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I asked my vet about this. She said some cats have an allergic reaction to Febreze(Twitch is one of them). She said not to use aerosols, or air sprays. If you need to use them, keep the cat out of the room/area for a half hour. Provided they don't inhale it, they are usually OK. I use the Oust fragrance free. I have mom spray it before the cats are allowed upstaris(before she showers). I spray it in my bedroom & the hallway by the litter pans after the cats get up. That helps to cut down on odors.

If I remember right, they make something that will spray an air sanitizer(or something) into the air. It attaches right to the litter box. You can find it at Petsmart.com or Petco.com. I have no idea what it is called, though.
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Have you tried putting something to absorb odors in the litter box first? I wouldn't spray anything IN the box itself.
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It probably won't harm him but a strong foreign smell may cause him to avoid the litterbox.

Rather than spray air freshener each time he goes, why not just scoop after each use? It takes only a few seconds more than spraying air freshener and it's guaranteed to take care of the problem without any unwanted effects.
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