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Oh we're gonna have to explain this one come Monday!

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Just got back from my office Christmas party! We went to a fancy restaurant. Had to dress up and everything. And if I do say so myself I looked pretty darn good! It's been a while since I've had a real reason to dress up like I did tonight. It was fun all by itself!

Well it was just the 6 of us gals having a good time and trying to use manners, so we had a good time. And then my boss realized she had a huge hole in the armpit of her sweater. We were laughing so hard my abs already hurt...then a few minutes later we find out she had a hole in the other armpit too! Poor thing! All we could do is laugh!

Well the food was great. Fortunatley one of my co-workers spent 15 years living in Europe so she knew what half the menu was as well as the 'manners' most of us were lacking! I had crab cakes that were to die for and eggnong cheesecake! Plus a salad and a cheese sampler as my appetizer.

So the evening was great, we loved our presents, the waitress didn't shush us or ask us to leave, etc! So then the bill comes....like I said, there are 6 ladies including me that work in my office....only 6! And graciously our company is paying for our dinner through our reimbursement checks. We don't have our Christmas party with the rest of the company because they are over an hour away and always have it at a really inconvenient time. So our head boss said it was fine for us to have our own party again this year. Last year my understanding is the total bill was close to $200. (I didn't work there yet.) So her only thing was she wanted us to 'tone it down a bit' this year. So what do we go and do...we double it! And then some! Our bill came to $500.50 to be exact! Mine alone was $72.83! Needless to say I still had a great time, but I don't think I'm writing my entire meal off! Maybe just the crab cakes, thoes were $30. Oooohhh....and I still have to tell dh!
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WOW! That's quite a bill! They must've used real crab for them there crab cakes, huh?
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Our bill came to $500.50 to be exact!
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You guys went to a five star restaurant>??
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haha, i remember when we went to this really good italian restaurant and for the three of us it costed 320 EUROs... and my dad didnt mind
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Good grief! I hope you really DID enjoy that meal!
I could have bought groceries for hubby , me, and Toby and Tedy for 6 weeks for $500.50! WOW!
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I'm still trying to process it myself. It was deffinately the most expensive restaurant I've ever been to. The cheapest entree was like $26. That was for the vegetarian dish, which really didn't sound that good. Now once or twice I've eaten at a place where the entree costs that much, but it came with a salad! It was all broken down on the bill, my drink was $2 and no refills, my appetizer I split was $7 after the split!, my salad was $9, my entree was $30, my dessert was $10. The total gratuity, which was added in for us at 20% was $83 and some change.

I could have bought groceries for a long time with all that too. Groceries plus some! I woke up the morning thinking, maybe I dreamed the bill? Nope. One co-worker was trying to console my boss by telling her 'Just think how much they spend on thier party up there! They rent a hall, entertainment, and feed them!' I don't think they feed them as much as we had though! My co-worker put it all on her card and we're giving her money. At least the watiress was kind enough to make copies of the bill because we each have to turn our own in. But first I have to give my co-worker money for my portion. Oh my...I still have yet to explain it all to dh too!
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My husband and I occasionally go out for a very pricey meal, maybe once a year or so. It's good to splurge on things like that sometimes and not worry about how many groceries you could have bought with it. It's also good to go to those kinds of restaurants to learn the "manners" - it will feel less intimidating next time. You said yourself the food was fantastic and you had a great time. That's what is important. Tis the season
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Wow!!, that is quite the bill..I'm glad that the food was good!
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Right on! You've gotta go have some fun round Christmas time! And it's a write-off for the company anyway.
Glad the meal was actually worth the high price!
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