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shaved leg--when will it grow back??

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Hello. My 7 month old kitty just had a pattellar luxation repair (dislocated knee cap pinned into place). They shaved more of his leg and hip than necessary. He's a Nebulung mix (Russian blue long hair), thus is a beautiful cat. Is his coat going to grow back the same and how long will it take?

Poor thing he looks ridiculous all fluffy on one side and bony skinned on the other. It's almost as if he knows he looks pitiful. --but seriously, not sarcastic.

I'll appreciate any input.

Bridget Helm
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Cat hair grows very slowly. If I remember, I think it was over three months before Mellie's hair grew back on her tummy after her spay. And she's a short-hair. I suppose if there's a scar, that will affect the way the coat looks.

He's probably just still feeling poorly after the operation....I doubt he realizes what he looks like.
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depands how much... kandies was shaved for a dental as she needed fluids and grew back in about 3-4 weeks ..
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My aunt's cat had to have some major surgery. She basically got one side of her body shaved. It took 6 months or more for it to grow back. When people asked why she didn't have any hair, my aunt told them, "why, Stormy's part Sphynx!". If you get any dumb remarks, try that!
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I can't tell you for sure, but I don't think the coat will have
any color difference...

My Diablo was shaved many times for wounds gotten
during ahem disputes with others of his ilk...It took
about 2 months for the fur to completely grow back.
The skin did vanish and the fur "fluff" out by month
1, but it wasn't back to full length and thickness
till about month 2.

He always grew back his fur the same.. except
that he always had a few more white hairs where
the scars were... (esp. for claw and bite wounds...)
He was all black cat to start with...

Now the poor dear is practically salt n' peppa!

OTH my Shebs needed to have her bum shaved
for hygenic reasons, and when the vet shaved
her down, it lasted about 3/4 months. Of course
Shebs is a double coated DSH. (Her fur is
awesomely thick and plush, even tho she's a "short" hair).

So I think your Blue will grow back his coat practically
the same as before, but it could take up to 3 or 4 months
for all the hair to be back. He'll look pretty good tho,
in about 2 months...

Hope this cheers you (and him too) up!
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