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Tug O' War

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Recently our 1 year old cat Percival has found a new game.
He likes dangly things and because of his size often breaks stuff, so my dad got this heavy duty cord that he can bat around. What he does though, is grab the end that has a knot in it and runs away and pulls on it - like a dog does with a rope - tug o' war.
He faces you and braces his feet and pulls with his body. WHen he lets go, we dangle the cord again and he will do the same thing.
He could have learned this from the dog since she does it. We don't pull back since his teeth aren't as strong as the dogs, but I am wondring if we should continue to allow him to play this way. The cord is put away when we are not playing with him so it is not a danger in that way, but I am wondering if the pulling is okay.
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We have several cats that play this way. We have an old fishing pole with a piece of fake fur on the end of it and the cats love it. As they pull we play out the line and let them run with it, then gently reel them in. Only the kittens generally let go, the adults are much stronger at this game.
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Tommy likes to play this way, too, and I'm just careful not to tug too hard. I really don't need any cat dental bills.
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Kitty plays the same way, but with her, it's an old shoelace.
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