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My foster Sugartoes is coming home!

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You can read her past here.
Sugartoes is a lovely girl, but I had sent her to another foster home so she could get to more adoption shows. She initially didn't eat for her new foster Dad, now she eats only if he is in the room feeding her from a spoon. So tomorrow I will bring her back to my house from the adoption show (unless by some miracle she is adopted). He is worried about her, and with Christmas doesn't have enough time to spend with her.

I just feel so bad, that she thinks I abandoned her. And she had been less happy at my house since Red and Blue came. Now there's a whole entire extra litter, in what was Sugar's room (with her kittens). I hope it is just her being sad, and not that she is getting sick.

Honestly, I'll be glad to see her again, but I am very sad that she is not doing well. Here's her pic.

With Festus.
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Beckiboo - Sugartoes will be better in your house. She knows you
and Festus and Garfield. And she may want to be with you - may
be one of those cats that bonds slowly and to a few people only.

Little Lexi boo is one like that - too me 6 months of having her
to get her to the point where she'd purr and let me love her
for any length of time! And of course, now she follows me round,
likes to tease Diablo by getting on the bed in the morning,
and otherwise being a little squirt!!

And I think Sugartoes will stay aloof from the Mom cat and kittens -
although you never know, she may take a shine to the kittens.

Good luck and God bless for taking her back. She clearly needs
to be loved more...

PS. Maj. Grey spent the ice storm outside, although I
think he DID shelter in the cat shelter OR under the kayak.

But he was not here this am, but came back this evening.
Stayed around a bit, is now possibly off and roaming,
but has many dry and warm spots scattered through my yard to go into and sleep in/on so I do feel better...

I hope and pray it stays mild and dry over the Xmas period while I am gone from here. My pet sitter will take good care of him, but no one will see
hide nor hair of him, since he only shows himself to me...
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Oh poor sugartoes...she is gorgeous! I can't imagine why she hasn't been adopted. If i was closer i would snatch her up in a second! I'll keep my fingers crossed that she settles back in well. Good luck!
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She's such a lovely girl! Thank goodness for wonderful foster homes like yours and her foster dad who care enough to do what's best for her. (Although it may be that she's already decided where her new home is... )
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The scary thing is when Sugie gets home I'll be up to 11 cats in the house! The agency offered to send Red and Blue somewhere else, but they are just starting to tame, and Blue and Festus are very close, so I hate to make a change for them.

Sugar won't get to meet the new Momma (CoCo) or her kittens, because they are totally unvaccinated and unvetted. They will stay separate until moved or adopted.

And she hasn't been very happy since Red and Blue came. Food is a serious business to her, so to have them getting canned food hand fed, and kitten chow...Sugar always had to eat it with them. Festus will let them eat first. Garfield just stays away, bewildered. But Sugar likes my bedroom, which is largely a cat free zone. (Especially since I moved the litterbox out and into the front room for Red and Blue! LOL!) But I think I'll put another litterbox in my room (actually the master bathroom) and let Sugar spend some time alone in there. (Alone as in no cats, only humans!)

Pew-someone just pooed in the front room litterbox-Festie, get in there and bury it!! If everything goes as planned I will be up to 11 cats inside, 6 litterboxes, and 5 feeding areas, including the two outside. It's a good thing I'm off work next week-I'll need the extra time just to care for all the squatters! And I better stock up on kitten food, with so many babies, and the big guys sneaking it, I'm going though a lot!
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How good that you are able to take her back. Have everything crossed that she will do better when she is back with you.
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