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Who has an older palm

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When my office closed I got an palm M100 we had a bunch of them. Anyhow I finally am getting around to doing something with it. I need to plug the hot synch cable into my computer however the only space I have is where my monitor is plugged in. Is there something I can buy that would utilize any of my USB ports and the hot synch cable????
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Gail, both Rob and I have M105s (same series, same cables). When I first had mine, I had a dinosaur computer in my office that didn't have an appropriate port available, and I got an adapter. I don't now remember what port I ended up using with that adapter, but one thing is for sure: it wasn't USB on that clunker. There might be a serial to USB adapter that would work. I'll ask Rob when he comes in whether he thinks that would be an option. He knows more about that stuff than I do.
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I have palms!

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And here's what the resident expert has to say...

"A Palm M100 hotsync cable uses a computer's serial port. If you google the search term ["serial port" USB] (include the quotes but omit the square brackets), you'll get several hits on the first page that offer serial-to-USB adapters. Your local computer dealer or parts supplier can probably get one for you if they don't have one in stock.

"But the hotsync cable doesn't use the same type of connection as the video monitor. If you look closely at the DB-9 plug on the hotsync cable, you'll find that it's a female connector that accepts only 9 pins. If you look at the DB-15 connector that the video monitor uses, you'll find that it's a male connector that uses 15 pins in _three_ rows of five pins. The two cables definitely canNOT use the same socket. But other than all that, the two plugs do look a lot alike.

"Serial connections are positively ancient technology, and they are very slow by today's standards. If your computer is a new one, it may not have a male DB-9 socket to plug the hotsync cable into. But have another look for it now that you know what you're looking for -- just in case."

Hope that's helpful.
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I have an old Palm M105. I also have the adapter that lets it plug into a USB port. You are welcome to it, as I no longer use the Palm. PM me so we can set up mailing.
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