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Cute Kitty Capers

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I thought it would be fun to tell some of the funny things your pets have done. I'll start with a kitten named Fluffy. She watched every day as Blacky, our fully grown cat, raced across the country road, was gone for 10 or 15 minutes and then raced back with a mole or a mouse in his mouth. He never stopped until he had gone between the slats under our side porch, and there he proceeded to enjoy his catch.
I spent a lot of time outside in the flower bed by the porch, so I saw this interaction continue for a couple of weeks. Then little Fluffy raced across the road, (she'd never been off the property before), stayed in the field for a few minutes, just like Blacky, and then-clutching something in her tiny jaws, ran between the slats, and under the porch. I HAD to see what she was tearing apart. Her catch was a tuft of grass!
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Well, My cat Vader screams like a human waiting for treats or food...
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Those are cute!!! I will have to think of some of my kitties cute capers and then post them later when I have more time.
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Pixie was a very distinguished lady of a cat who expected her loyal subjects to let her in and out when asked. If she called at the back screen door, and someone did not let her in immediately, she would climb the screen, hang by all four paws and tell us off in no uncertain meows! Well, Autumn came, and you guessed it. I heard Pixie, and before I had a chance to get to the door she had leaped up and "grabbed" plexiglass. She slid down with the weirdest look on her face, and then held her head up as if to say, "I knew that was there all the time. I meant to do that. I---" I tried not to laugh!
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Jeanie you have some great stories!!! I'm trying not to laugh here at work. People will start to wonder!

I'm still trying to think of some good stories...They make us laugh all the time, but I can't think of the good ones.

The first time my parents met my kittens I was a little nervous. My dad is NOT a cat person (or so he claims). You also have to understand that Trent is just a clutz. Well, I was cleaning up after dinner, and happen to look over to see my dad scritching Trent on the back of the couch. Trent was really getting into it and - plop - falls off the couch! He gets up and looks up at Dad like "you didn't see that, right" and my dad, stifling laughter, look Trent right in the eye and says "Now don't you feel foolish! You should!" We all busted up laughing at that and Trent just hopped back up on the couch for more lovin. I think Trent won Dad over in spite of himself.
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I know what you mean about laughing. I could just picture the look on that cat's face. As for you dad? He's a closet cat lover. My dad was like that too.
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Well I'll only pick a few since I could post all day about their funny stories.

Sampson does this thing that I affectionately call "bumbling". Bumbling is when he puts his front feet together and then puts his back feet together and hops around like he has two legs. It's so funny to watch him run because he looks like a little bunny rabbit.

Xavier likes to run Fallon down, put her in a headlock and cleans her. The harder she kicks and wiggles the tighter he holds on and if she struggles too much he'll give her a little bite to calm her down so he can finish.:laughing:
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I was lying in bed last night watching my guys play. One of the would run all through the house until they ran past one of the others, all of whom were hiding. The one hiding would jump out and grab the one who was running. The runner would then hide and the next one would run. It was the cutest thing. I thought maybe it was just coincidence, but it went on for about 20 minutes, with each of them having several turns as runner and hider. I wish I had a camcorder!
In the mornings when I come out to make coffee, Fred and Georgia are usually sitting on the stool I leave in front of the window. Sometimes Georgia will have her little paw thrown around Fred's shoulders, leaning on him. It is so cute.
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I have a couple of cute stories....

Cleopatra loves the lazer pointer, and she'll chase it forever!! When we get tired of it, we'll put it down on the coffee table and sometimes, she will grab it between her teeth and play with it, trying to make it work like we can! She'll usually get frustrated and meow or something...

When we want to go to bed for the night, we'll usually toss the kittys out of the room because they tend to make noise and wake us up. When my boyfriend tosses Cleopatra out, Noah will see this, and run under the bed so he won't be tosses out!! It's cute.
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Trent is almost twice as big as Ophelia. He knows that he will get in trouble for beating up on her. But the top of the kitty tree is a very prized place to sleep, so he has figured out a way around getting in trouble. When she comes up there, he really doesn't want to share. Instead of nipping at her to get her to move, he will start grooming her head - the wrong way! He purposely goes against the grain because he knows this drives her nuts!

However, I have also seen Ophelia go up there when Trent is sleeping and literally move him with nudges so there is enough room for her. She just forces her little way in! You go girl!
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The only funny thing that I can think of right now is that one day Boo was sitting on the floor cleaning herself or something then out of no where Socks leaps off of the top of the cat tree and just pounces on Boo. It was so hilarious so see Socks fly through the air (he was pretty high). Boo didn't know what had happened to her for a minute that she just laid there lol.

When I think of more, I'll post them.
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I am so enjoying your stories! We've all seen our cats do similar things, so we can actually picture the event. I think that's what's making us laugh!

Checkers was the only kitten to survive a litter whose mother had died just about when their eyes were opening. We know the farmer in whose barn he lived gave him a squirt of cow's milk twice a day, but how he survived is still a big question mark. When my daughter brought him home, I got a kitty bottle and made formula. Checkers smelled the milk and chewed the nipple right off the bottle!
My Collie had raised another kitten and happily lay down for Checkers to nurse, dry well or not. Checkers was in kitty heaven. Then he found the 50 lb. bag of dog food. (I was breeding and showing Collies then.) He climbed inside the bag, and we heard this tiny kitten growling and chewing simultaneously! Of course he thought he was a 75 pound tri collie, so when he was old enough to go outside, he chased every dog in the neighborhood off his own property. What a character!
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Our little female kitty Boo is just like a garbage disposal! LOL Its so funny when we give her food because she guards it like she is going to die if she doesn't eat it! Last night hubby and I had pork chops for dinner so we gave Socks and Boo a piece. Well, Boo practically inhaled hers then she was growling at Socks for no reason. LOL She then went right over and ate all of Socks' pieces of pork chops! We couldn't believe it...we were laughing so hard. :laughing2 She also starts meowing really loud and crying and trys to get on the kitchen counter any time she knows we are making food. Now we call her our kitty garbage disposal.
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Tigger, a big fluffy tabby, would not tolerate my two Siamese kittens. He didn't fight them; he just intimidated them. Well, the kittens grew up, and put him in his place. (They think they own the house.) My female, Precious, had a litter, and Tigger had someone else to intimidate. (This next scene was right out of that wonderful movie, The Bear, but it actually happened) One of the kittens had not hidden under the couch quickly enough when Tigger came in the family room with his back arched and hissing. The kitten, brave little thing, did the same thing. Suddenly, I was shocked to see Tigger back away gingerly, never turning around. Then I looked back to the kitten. Right above her, on the couch, stood mother Precious in a no-nonsense pose. I'm sure the kitten thought he scared the monster off himself, however!
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I am so proud of my little scaredy cat, Pearl. Ever since we moved, she has been like a whole new kitty. She even snapped at me yesterday! Not that I am so crazy about being snapped at, but she finally is showing a little spunk. She had Fred down force-bathing him this morning. He is the one that usually does that to her. She sneaked up on him and flipped him over just as pretty as you please. It was so cute. She even jumped on the rug lump, Leo, while he was playing with his rug. Then she chased him all over the house. He's around 20+lbs. and she is a dainty little 7.5 lbs. I figured the move would freak her out and take months to get back where she was, but she has a whole new attitude.
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Ophelia is too smart for her own good. She has been since she was just an itty-bitty-kitty.

I used to have my computer desk and high-back computer chair in the bedroom which was the kitten's "safe area". Trent was always bigger than Ophelia, being about 2 weeks older, and he was able to climb up the chair from the seat and play "King of the Mountain." Ophelia was too little and just couldn't climb up there to play with him. Until, one day she decided that she would be able to climb that chair. I have never seen such a determined look. She spent about an hour climbing up and down the back of that chair until she was good at it. Next time Trent played King of the Mountain there was a new Queen of the Mountain!

Ophelia's favorite toy was the mouse hanging on the door. She would just go nuts on that thing! One time, she got it caught up on our bookcase headboard when she pulled too hard and she wanted it back down. Well, no asking for help for this little girl. We watched her keep looking from the TV, to the standing lamp, to the headboard (where her mouse was) - TV, lamp, headboard - TV lamp, headboard. Each was progressively higher than the previous, and it looked like the perfect way to get her mouse back. She just couldn't figure out how to get started. When Hubby felt sorry for her and got her mouse down for her, she shot him a nasty look and huffed away. We joke that if they could translate quantuum physics into meows she would be happy!
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