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Why does he Meow in my face?

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sorry forgot to add to my other thread that simba keeps climbing right up me and glaring and then meows right in my face! It scares me a bit though, i mean does he want to kiss me or bite me? Im not taking any chances........

Oh and one other thing, he keeps making breathing noises now and again like as if he is sniffing or something, the last time he did it it lookes as if it was hurting him because he started backing up.Or are these signs of trying to cough up hairballs?

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Zoey does this alot I think it is her way of conversing... they dont know we arent literate in cat
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He's a kitten, he is inquisitive (not scary) If you show fear, he will react to that. When he gets into your face, shut your eyes, breathe slow and easy and don't open your eyes until he gets down. Direct stare-downs with cats are considered challenges to fight. If he makes contact, you either need to shut your eyes, or blink them several times slowly to remove the threat. His noises are him trying to bluff you- to get you scared because he thinks you are going to war with him. It is simple kitten play and once you understand it and respond in a language they understand, you can have fun with it.
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If you haven't already done this - now would be a really good time to discuss having this boy neutered ASAP. It sounds to me as though he might be a little too aggressive and at 16 weeks old, it is time.
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thanks yes we are having him neutered next month, so hopefully that will calm him down a little.They do it at 5 months old here in the uk so hes not quite old enough....but yeah hes definately having that done, plus if not we'll have to pay a small fortune for him from the breeder we got him from as she was under agreement that she wasnt selling them for breeding purposes, so we got him a more reasonable price than most bengal kittens are priced at.
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