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The Huggy Game and Thrown Food...

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Arci has some very interesting habits, and I was curious as to if any of your cats share the same.

1) The Huggy Game - Whenever you walk by him he will run up behind you and latch onto your leg. You can be walking up the stairs, through a room... anything. Bam, here comes kitty, hugging your leg. I find it hilarious, if not a little dangerous when you are going up and down the stairs.

2) Thrown Food - Whenever he eats, he has to take a large mouthful and throw it. It looks like he leaves little messages in kitty food on the floor! After he throws a few mouthfuls, he'll eat what is in the bowl, then swipe his paw into his water dish to get any waterlogged pieces, then eat up the pieces on the floor, one by one. Very interesting to say the least.

~Rae and Arci
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Take his food out of the bowl and put it on a cookie sheet instead, see if that doesn't stop the throwing food incident.

Cats are quirky that is why I love them so much. All of mine have special talents and abilities that make me laugh-
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Mine cooks. He takes some of his dry food drops it in his water dish then fishes them out and eats them. But he dosn't like his wey food all that much
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that is so sweet about the leg hugging.... take it easy on the stairs!!
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That's funny! Fergus will do the leg hug thing too. He'll "hide" I always see him peeking aroud the corner of something waiting for me and as soon as I walk by he'll grab my leg. I'll sometimes get down on his level and hide from him and peek around a corner at him, he'll come running and mock attack me and I'll roll him over on his back, he'll get up run away and do it again. Sometimes Pumpkin will eat with her paws. She'll scoop up some food with her paw and put it in her mouth. She'll sometimes dip her paw in the water and drink that way too. I thought I might give her a fork...
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