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Bit of a baby update...

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Welp - Getting close now! Only a few more weeks .. 2 weeks we are
thinking .. unless ...... well ...

The baby has decided that the way to be born is booty first.

The lil stinker turned .. again. He was "headed" in the right
direction but then changed his mind aparently. This isnt a big deal for
now. The doctor wants me to come in on Wednesday the 21st to have him

Im not Real sure exactly how they do this ... its external ... I
supposed some pushing and shoving is involved. (Like I dont get enough of
that from the inside already ).

Three things can happen during this lovely sounding process -
* Worst case: the placenta separates (OW!!) and thats pretty
unlikely and dangerous.
* My water could break ... meaning baby is comming, ready or not!
* I could go into labor later on that night or soon after. No biggie. We are pretty ready for that, just in case. (And the Grandmas are Counting on it!)

So thats that! Fun fun fun ..... .

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Everything should go just
We will keep everyone posted!

Adriane, Jarrett, Jake and ..... new baby ... we really need to agree
on a name!
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Sending lots of prayers your way for a safe delivery, and a healthy baby!!!!
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How exciting for you! I hope that everything turns out okay...have you decided on any names yet?
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That's wonderful! Best of luck with the attempted turning. I had to have that done with my firstborn. I was a little sore the next day (my back from resisting the pressure, and my tummy from the dr's hands.) It's sort of like removing bubbles from a waterbed. Get em all cornered and "headed" in the right direction. Mine didn't work, but you have a much better chance having had other children. Worst case is a c-section, and that's not that bad either, which is the way we had to go.

Good vibes and prayers!
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I wish you the best for a problem free safe delivery!!
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I will pray everything goes smooth and safe!
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Maybe you'll have Baby New Year! Isn't there some contest or something that you can win a bunch of baby stuff, if yours is the first born after New Year's?
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Sending lots of healthy baby and safe delivery vibes.
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Lots of good vibes headed your way for a healthy mom and baby as well as a safe delivery!
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I pray everything goes nice a smooth for the baby turning day!!
Hopefully baby will turn on his/her own. Good luck!!
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Sending vibes for a smooth delivery! and GOOD LUCK!

dont forget to post precious baby pictures
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oooo it's so exciting - if only the bit after it was as much fun hehehe good luck sweetie, you and hubby will make fantastic parents! Again.
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i am sure everything will be fine. i am pregnant also and know how many different emotions are going on in your mind. i am positive your baby will be healthy and loud
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