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Here's a picture of Twinkles

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Beautiful kitties Tasha

I love Twinkles- she looks like a kitty I used to have. Thanks for posting the pics- you can never see enough kitty pics! :rainbow:
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Beautiful kitties, Tasha! At least in that pic, it sure looks like Vader was appropriately named - he's got just a touch of evil in those eyes
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Beautiful photos Tasha!
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What purtty kitties! The first one looks like a tuxedo/orange tabby/tortoise shell
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Love the pictures!!! What adorable cats you have!!
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Yes..Twinkles' one little orange tabby leg is adorable. Gee, why do I have the sudden urge to go out and get more kitties....
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Cute, cute furbabies!
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What beautiful babies Tasha!!!
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I love them - they are beautiful and look like one big happy family! They also look well loved.
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Cute pictures! All their names seems to fit them just perfect.
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What beauties! All of them breathtaking!
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