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Can anyone tell me about...

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... the Epson Stylus C66 printer? I've tried looking it up on the net but I don't seem to be able to get anything I understand I want to know if anyone else out there has one, and what it is like? What is the print quality like (from someone who's not a complete computer wizz)? How does it perform when you're printing photos? Is it slow, reasonable? If anyone out there has one and thinks it's the pbest thing on the planet... I'd really love to know!
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I don't have one of these Emma, but did have an older Epson Stylus colour printer and decided not to renew with an Epson next time because of the way the colour printed on the page, leaving distinct bands - meaning it wasn't really good for photo printing.

I found a review that is fairly readable here. According to this review, it is a good machine but is let down by slow printing time for photos, paper curl when printing photos and some banding (the problem I had with mine). Knowing that you're an artist and good quality printing is likely to be important if you're using it to help you with your work, you might like to see if you could do some test prints before you decide to purchase one.

This one is also quite old (in computer terms) being over a year old and there may be newer models that would do what you wanted.

With any one that you purchase it would be good if you could take an image in with you and ask if they would print one for you. If you had the same image from each machine that you were considering you would have a good comparison as to print quality and speed.

We went for an HP Deskjet next time which is excellent. For my next one, I've found that the newer HP printers seem a bit ink hungry and am considering a Canon which gets good reviews on that score.
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hubby has the C66 printer and dislikes it so much he uses my HP Photosmart 3310 that I beta tested this summer for HP-- I use it almost exclusivly to print our photos and my SIL who works at a photo lab was amazed at its quality-- you really cant tell a difference between the ones it prints out and the ones that her photo lab does. Its amazing. 8x10s are the largest i have done but it does an excellent job-- definatly frameable. It had 6 ink cartridges and when they sent the printer for us to beta test they sent the small cartirdges that fcome with the printer when you buy them, as well as two larger full sets with all the colors. It took me until almost the end of the beta testing period (about 3 months) before i had to break into the extra ones they sent me. Yellow was the first to go-- and its the one thats the lowest right now. I will end up replacing it in the next week or so. We print on average about 100 photos per week here at my house. ( i have printed on all sizes up to 8x10 and on severaltypes of media including a linen type) This printer has amazed me since i got it. IMO well worth the 399.99 retail that they are asking for it. Ink cartridges are 10 bucks a pop (for color-- black is 16.99 i think-- even still cheaper than my old epson photo printers that i have had and ive had several) but you dont have to buy all 6 at one time-- you can just buy what you need. To let you know jsut how good the ink usage is-- i have replaced all the original ink cartridges with the first set of larger replacements but have yet to break into the 2nd set of replacements. The beta test ended in October. and even with printing 100+ photos per week we wont have to buy ink until after the first of the year. IT does a great job on regular printing jobs as well. The only downside is the paper tray doesnt hold a whole lot of paper-- about 30 or so sheets i think i have never really counted. I hated HP products before i got to beta test this printer and one other one that they sent me around the same time. Both are on the market now and i have no hesitations about buying a HP photosmart printer.
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Hrmn Amitya you totally lost me.... it's the Epson I really need to know about....
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She is just telling you that Epsons suck and that HP is better

I used to love my printer/scanner HP, but it died a year later for a little wire that got burnt from having the scanner on so much, so this is why i wuldnt buy another HP! although they are good quality!
Cannons suck
Havent tried epsons though but i hear that they suck too
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i have that model...ok heres the deal with mine ...yes photo quality is good ..ive printed some realli good pics just like from the photo mat ..and aslo done calenders that came out good....printing regular documents is say slow though...theres a button that u can set printer quality best takes the most time ...i use the middle setting when just doing regular projects ... ink is expensive too.... like 70 for a whole new set..the lines u may see sometimes runnign through stuff youll just need to clean your printer heads or realin not to hard ..theres step by steps for that ...

photos come out good but slow .... ok printer
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