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Cat Repellant

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What is a cat repellant? Where do you get it and how much is it? I'm REALLY gunna need this for the christmas tree!
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Try reading this first

Cats & Christmas Trees
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Originally Posted by hissy
Try reading this first

Cats & Christmas Trees
No offence but I've read all those "tips" and everything but they really arent a concern. My concern is them knocking all the balls off and breaking them which is what they've done a few times now. They arent climbing the tree so i'm not worried about stabalizing it. I just need to KEEP THEM AWAY

someone please tell me abou ta cat repellant PLEASE
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This is an application where the ssscat might work, if you care to spend the money on it.


Google it for resellers....it's generally cheaper online.
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i've heard that lemon juice in a spray bottle works because they hate the sour taste. also, petco has some things that you spray on what you don't want your dog to chew on, i wonder if that will work for the kitties.... also, put the glass ornaments on the top, they will be less likely to break. also, what i've tried is using a spray bottle with water and when you see one of them getting ready to take a leap at the tree, give a little spray. maybe you can condition them to not climb. it's possible. good luck!!! try to fasten the tree to the wall so they don't knock it down all together, one of mine did this last year!!!
ps the xmas tree article didn't really help me either... hope my ideas helped.
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Ah, yes, citrus.....reminds me of another idea: find a couple of those car freshener thingies in citrus scent and hang them from the tree. Will probably stink up your living room somewhat, but I'm pretty sure the kitties won't want to be anywhere near there.
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Every year when we set up our Christmas tree it's a new adventure all over again! One year we involved my 3 year old daughter at the time and strung popcorn to put on the tree. While we were gone one day the cats and dog had a popcorn feast Another year one of my cats (who was a kitten then) decided the Christmas tree was a good place to climb up in and take naps. This year and several broken ornaments later we decided to go out and get all plastic unbreakable ornaments. The tree looks lovely and not one cat has touched it....go figure, there's nothing to break now
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I just asked a similiar question the other day - there are answers here:
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