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Overeating from excitement?

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So I had to go back to school for the night yesterday to take an exam today and left Oliver at home with my parents... even though it was only one night, he was SUPER happy to see me when I (finally, dang snow) got back... well he's been running around my room going crazy and playing with catnip toys and kept running over for a bite to eat in between spurts... well a few minutes ago, after a nibble, he yarked it all up on my carpet!! There was nothing odd about the smell or appearance of the puke (no worms or anything) but the kibble was in full pieces which is not usually the case when he occasionally pukes... could it be simply from excitement that he ate so fast without chewing and then the running around got him upset in the kitty tummy? I sure hope so! He's been acting fine (other than being a little crazy, but he's like that from time to time) and nothing about his diet has changed... he quickly adjusted to being back at my parents as usual when we got here last week... any suggestions?! He seems fine now - preening and got a slower, more thoroughly chewed bite and is now watching tv on my bed.... thanks y'all!
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I know this situation all tooooo well.....

Emmet is notorious for that...Everyonce in a while he eats way toooo fast and then yaks somewhere.....

The other day was the worst....He ate all his food in one bite it seemed then went running around like a chicken w/ his head cut of...Jumped to the top of his cat tree and then projectiled vomited all over the wall and the cat tree........Then he jumped down and ate again......I was left to clean up whole chunks of soggy food from behind the radiator grate.......

My vet seems to say it can happen because of excitement...and because Emmet was starved when he was a kitten, and sometimes he forgets that he gets fed every day....

So I would say that your sweet kit just got excited like you thought...and unless it happenes more frequently then the one time...I would say dont worry about it...other wise talk to your vet......
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