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My Baby Hates Me!

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I have had Chester for about 6 monthes now & have never had any problems with him. he has always been perfect, no scratching, loved to be cuddled, got along with my two dogs, purred constantly but today he seemed really different! He didnt want to be held, tried to scratch me/bat at me with his CLAWS , and groweled when I tried to pick him up! Why is he acting like this? He has NEVER done this before! He was neutered about 2 months ago, could that be it? I also brought in my rabbit from outside today and was holding him alot, could he be jealus? Please help me! My baby hates me!!!
Please Help Me Out,
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Maybe he is upset about the rabbit. Have you tried putting the rabbit in another room, and changing your clothes and washing your hands so you don't smell like a rabbit?

If that doesn't work, he might need to be checked by a vet.
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I agree with Kathylou on both points. Some cats get very jealous, and can show it a number of ways -- from aggression (towards you or the other animal), to pouting, to the silent treatment.

And sometimes cats will act out like this if they are in pain or ill.
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Maybe he just didn't feel good. Haven't you ever had a bad day?

I wouldn't worry about the rabbit. All sorts of animals get along. We have a pet raccoon and a cat who live in the back yard and are best buds. We have three dogs who are madly in love with a tiny new kitten. We have two horses who play football with the dogs.

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Your cat could be coming down ill, or he could be on guard because of the new smell in the house, the rabbit that is also on you. Cats and rabbits can get along, but not right away. It takes time to get them introduced and the rabbit is at a clear disadvantage unless it is full grown and can rabbit kick the heck out of your cat.
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