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Kittens and Milk

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I am a new kitty mommy, i wrote on the other section asking for help with her. now i am in this section to ask a question. I have had several people tell me that i should not give milk to my kitten, she is 3 months old. i have only had her three days now. so i havent given her any, she is drinking water nad eating well. But i would give her milk if its okey . So i knew you guys would be able to tell me ,, Is it okey to give her milk?
Thanks in advance for all your answers.. Linda /Hallycat Mother to Missy
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Hi Linda,
Most cats, not all, are lactose-intolerant (lactose is a sugar contained in milk). Once weaned, your kitten does not need milk, and does not need cow's milk.

That said,if you wish, you can try milk that is labelled for humans who are lactose intolerant, or goat's milk, or the on the market for cats milk such as catsip (found at your local petco or petsmart).
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It's not a good idea to give cow milk to a cat. As the previous poster said, cats can often be lactose intolerant and milk can cause diahrrea (sp?). Goat's milk or the milk especially for cats as a treat now and then is OK.
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I give my babies a treat of kitten milk every once and a while.

They don't need it, but most cats like it.

As long as they have access to water, they should be fine.
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I give mine goats milk and they love it. If they are sick and won't eat they get it mixed with egg yolk as a nutrient.
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