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I like to shop for people as long as I have some idea of what to buy them. If I don't, then I am totally frustrated. I do the majority of shopping on line also. I can't stand walking around with a winter coat on, I get hot, the packages get heavy and I hate waiting in line.
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I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, I just don't have the patience anymore and hate waiting in lines. I usually just stick to smaller scale stores/boutiques, some within walking distance from me they usually aren't too busy. I don't like going to malls this time of year and rarely shop there around the holidays, it's just too busy for me and I don't enjoy it. I try to get my shopping done by the second week of Dec. so I can just sit back at home and relax and enjoy being with my loved ones the week of Christmas. The best part for me!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I love getting gift cards!
Definitely takes the guessing out for sure. And besides, saves wrapping paper as well
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I worry too much that they're not going to like the gift or I'm not spending enough, or I'm spending too much. I worry way too much to enjoy it!

Gift cards are my absolute favorite gift to receive. I love to shop but don't have the money.
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I did a bit of online shopping, this morning. I received an Amazon.com gift certificate and decided to use it.

Later, my friend Jennifer and I girded our loins and hit the streets. Shoe Pavilion was a disappointment. They are having a slipper sale but, I don't consider $30 a good price for a pair of slippers. On to Factory-2-U: another bust.

Tucson Mall beckoned, as Macy's and Penney's are both having shoe sales. No slippers there but, Penney's had some toasty warm chenille socks - just the thing to wear to bed. I now have one lavender and one deep purple pair.

Jennifer got sneakers for one of her sons, at Payless and I STILL hadn't found slippers to suit me. FINALLY - success at Sear's. Not only did I get a warm pair of Deerfoams ($10) but, a lovely pair of purple velvet baby-doll slingbacks, with a rhinestone buckle JUMPED off of the shelf and onto my feet! When a $55 pair of shoes is knocked down to under $15, one just HAS to buy them.

After this lunch at Red Robin was in order. Thus fortified, we tooled down the street, to the dreaded WalMart. Jen found sneakers for another son, I stocked up on cat food and litter (as did Jen) and Hershey's kisses.

Demolition derby traffic, in the parking lot, finally sent us back onto the streets of Tucson, headed for PetsMart. After dragging Jennifer away from the Humane Society's off-site adoption center (her husband owes me one) and petting every animal in the store, I got a new Booda Dome litter box (in PURPLE).

We were back at my house, by 3. Naturally, my dogs went over us, with noses twitching ("You cheated on us!"), Jen admired the twins' tricycles, transferred her purchase from my car to hers and sped homeward. I collapsed on the sofa, with my newspaper.

Dang, it was a fun day but, I'm not doing it again any time soon.
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i bought my slippers online. they were about $16-$20, & a pair usually lasts me about a year. the last time, i bought 3 pairs, because i had a hard time finding them. i can't find them anywhere now. it doesn't get all that cold down here, so i don't need really warm slippers, but on my hard floors, i need a barrier!
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For good slippers try Cabela's Outfitters.

You may end up spending $60+ but from everything I've ever heard about Cabela's, they have AWESOME stuff.
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