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mad kitten

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we have got a new cat/kitten. she is about 6-7months old now. the problem is she keeps on jumping on our lads (male cats) head. he is really soft and will not hurt anyone, our other cat cookie has established that she is the supreme ruler and that the kitten does not touch her.

she is not neutered, she is also very nibbly and scratchy. will she calm down and leave oscar alone once she has been spayed or will it carry on. oscar is getting very fed up of it and he just hisses and growls a lot now. he never ever used to do this before we had her. help.
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Sounds like my boys as babies....

She should grow out of this, either in a few months or by her first birthday.

If she doesn't grow out of it soon, or if you feel it's best for Oscar if she stops now, talk to your vet about training her not to do this.
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Aww, your baby girl is just being playful.
I believe all it takes to solve this is for Oscar to sternly tell her in his own way to stop bugging him. Cats have their own way of disciplining their young.
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She is also alpha look for a change in command in your home soon
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