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Long Move soon, Question about sedatives

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We are moving to Texas next month its a good 10-12 hour ride-- probably going to be closer to 12 hours as im driving an older slower truck with just me and the animals. Im planning on making a trip back home to MS to pick up ALL my animals at one time. They will not be alone at home while im moving-- hubby is staying behind to sell the house. The two shepherds will be in kennels in the bed of the truck, the two cats will be in kennels in the backseat of the truck and my hairless dog will be in her carseat up front with me. Beavis is my new addition as most of yall know. We are going tomorrow for a senior panel and other bloodwork and a general checkup since he hasnt been to the vet since 1994. Beavis does NOT do well at all in kennels and most definatly in moving vehicles. Should i ask for a sedative to give him just prior to piling in the truck? He howls, salivates excessivly, and throws himself around the kennel. I just want to get some reactions from yall. The rest of my animals do well travelling. PB is an excellent traveler nice and quiet. Beavis is just the exact opposite. im afraid hes going to stress himself out more than needed during the move-- also im planning on making this a one day trip-- there will be no overnites just potty stops. All the animals will be in their own kennels. There are no stores that sell feliway around here- I would have to drive over 2 hours into another state the opposite way to even come close to finding a store that has it. believe me i have checked. Online shopping isnt an option right now as funds are tight and we have closed our bank accounts in anticipation of the move in a couple of weeks, so we have no credit or debit cards. I used to have to use Acepromazine to sedate my chinese crested when we had kids over and im a vet tech so i know about the drugs/sedatives and reactions and such.
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If I recall correctly, Beavis is a senior kitty, right? If so, a reputable vet will probably not allow you to sedate him with becomes more dangerous the older the animal. My 9-year-old kitty was sedated with Benadryl (with her vet's approval) for our recent flight from Oakland CA to NH and let me tell you, it didn't really do anything. In fact, I think it made her more agitated because she was groggy AND confused AND terrified. Shortly after our flight, I was reading in Dr. Pitcairn's book about recommendations for sedation for travel & found something I wish I'd known to try. He recommends the homeopathic remedy Aconitum napellus 30c, given 1 hour prior to travel and then again afew minutes before leaving the house. It is very safe to use & he mentions that it often works better than a tranquilizer. Just thought I'd pass it along...

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Thank you i will see if a friend in Birmingham can get that for me over there.

I wasnt insinuating that i wanted to use Ace-- just that it is what i use on my small dog-- but i appreciate the info.

Thanks again!
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yeah, I would be weary if I were you to use any sedatives or 'relaxing' medicine. A long time ago, I lived in Canada for a little while and took my cat on the LONG journey with me (in a vehicle), her vet prescribed her some kind of travel medicine and it was aweful, her eyes were dialated and she didn't look right at all. She did fine with the rest of the trip w/out any more medicine, she was in her own kennel that was seatbelted so it didn't move really while traveling. She figured out to sleep until we would stop for the evening.
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If you use the Aconitum napellus I'd LOVE to hear how it works's definently going to be my first choice next time the "kids" & I have to travel Beavis & PB are such handsome lads...hope you guys have a smooth & easy trip!

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