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Meet Strauss everyone!!

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Theres a little angel over the bridge right now and she's in this link

I'm posting these for her mum Michelle

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Awwww beautiful babies
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They are so beautiful!!!!
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What a cutie
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Awwwwww. Cute little black and white fuzzy pillow with legs!
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Awww love the pics!!
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Awwwwwwwwwww, what a cutie!
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Wow Susan, I thought for a moment you had gotten a pal for Rosie and Sophie

Those are lovely pictures.
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What a beautiful tuxedo cat!!!!!
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Aw, poor Strauss. She was a beauty, and I know Michelle is missing her. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge, Strauss. I love the pretty black chin!
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I am Strauss' mom. I lost her December 12, 2005 to what I believe was Saddle Thrombosis, she had all the symptoms, unfortunately not the right vet as my daughter ended up driving four hours for surgery the next day (should have been the same night, however, the vet wanted to give up an hour after she was brought in and didnt even discuss surgery until I said we needed a second opinion)

Anyway, I remember the day I picked her up 13 years ago. I worked 12 hours and was really tired but my daughter really wanted this cat that I had never even seen. It was the last kitten at her grandparents home, nobody wanted it, so I thought "it must be ugly or something" but my daughter wanted it so I told her grandparents I would be by after work to pick it up. When I looked in the box these great big green eyes looked up at me and it was almost like she grinned. I took in her long whiskers and little pink nose and her colors.... I was like " nobody wanted this cute little thing?".

I already had a dog named Levi, hence the name Strauss was born.

She had a personality from the beginning. Feisty and very smart. I used to travel a lot on weekends and that little cat would jump in my suitcase when I put it on the bed to pack. I would go to put cloths in it and these big green eyes would stare up at me like "hey, I am coming too!"

She and the dog would run around the house and drive me batty but in truth I loved it. Did I say Strauss was the runt? Well, yep, she was..... which is why nobody picked her.. the runt usually means health problems, at least thats what people thought... but she actually ended up being huge for a female, very big, strong and 20 lbs. She had a heart of gold that cat. She went through a lot with me and my daughter.

She was always there us. She knew when you were sad... she had this language of her own... not really a meow but a meow purr... which would always end in a higher pitch which sounded like a question... .and then sometimes end in a lower pitch that would sound like " yea, I know" and sometimes an up and down pitch like "hurry up already"...... after awhile you just kind of talked to her and it was like you both understood each other.

Strauss never gave attitude to us. If you called her, she always came... she was not one to walk away from patting and loving. She was very affectionate, loved cuddling... would do anything to sleep close beside you. That cat spent many hours in doll cloths when Mandy, my daughter was young. She was decorated for Christmas many times as well... she was an easy going soul.

As the years went by we accumulated more cats... at first Strauss didnt mind, Chleo, our Tortoise Persian was a tyrant and hung all over Strauss... and she tolerated her.... When Chleo grew up, she bullied Strauss, even though Strauss always weighed three times a much, she would never hurt Chleo, just run away for peace and quiet when she was sick of being chewed on. Strauss was a big baby.

Then we got Paris... and well Strauss was getting older and had enough of little kittens... she didnt want anything to do with them and I cant say I blamed her, she was approaching her golden years. So when I moved North and my daughter graduated from high school, she took Strauss to live with her and my parents until she got her own place.

Well, Strauss was far away from me when she got sick and died. I felt helpless on the phone with the vets, my hysterical daughter.... there was nothing I could do from here and I have say it was a sick feeling that I still have off an on throughout the day.

Well, there is so much more to say about Strauss, I just wish our time didnt have to end this way. I know there will be a hole in our lives from this.... I have had cats in the past, cats now and I can honestly say this cat was different, nothing like I had ever had in a cat. She was almost human... understood humans, accepted your faults... loved you unconditionally..... was wise..... loving.... I could go on for hours about her but I dont want to bore the reader.

Knowing that she will be waiting for me when I cross over is a great comfort to me. My daughter asked me last night if I believed cats had souls and I said "most definitely" she asked if I thought Strauss would be waiting for her, I said "of course" she told me that when she was five, her father sent her to a camp where one of the leaders told the kids animals didnt have souls so dont expect them to meet them in heaven. I was like "what?" she said "yea mom, when Ginger died (one of our rescues from before) I asked if she would be in heaven when I get there and the camp leader told the group that no, animals dont go to heaven. I could not believe this, I asked her why she didnt tell me this years ago, she said she didnt know why. The camp was a religious camp through her fathers church (we were not together as a couple) and I had no idea they thought this way or I would never have let her go, but I did not allow her to become a regular attendee, which sounds like a good thing. Anyway, getting off the subject. My daughter said she was glad I believed that Strauss would meet up with us again because she believed that as well.

Rest in Peace Strauss.... I love you very much and will truly miss those beautiful eyes and your endearing conversations......

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She sounds a little angel Michelle and she reminds me of my Sophie in the first picture
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Your love for your precious little angel has truly touched my heart, Michelle. I'm so sorry you lost your baby so suddenly. You're so right, Strauss is so happy and healthy now in Heaven, and you absolutely will one day be reunited. God bless you during this painful time of grief.
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I'm so sorry that you lost Strauss - what a truly beautiful kitty she was. It's so lovely that you had so many wonderful years with her
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Michelle, Strauss was such a beauty. I am so sorry for your sudden and tragic loss. My prayers are with you now as heaven gains another furry angel .
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What a gorgeous boy he was! RIP Strauss
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Wow Susan, I thought for a moment you had gotten a pal for Rosie and Sophie

Those are lovely pictures.
that's what i thought, too. how nice of you to post them for her - Strauss's mom - to you during this time...i lost my Mouse almost a year ago, unexpectedly as well, so i know what you're going thru
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What a beautiful kitty who lived a wonderful life full of love and happiness.
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I am so sorry to hear about Strauss. It is so heartbreaking when we lose our special friends. I lost my special soul cat last year at this time.. He was my love. He gave me purpose in my life when everything looked hopeless in hard times. I truly believe that these wonderful animal spirits are angels with four legs. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Bubba. The good memories are starting to fill my heart now, instead the guilt of the what if's when he passed from cancer. It was his time to go.

I do know that Bubba lives thru my other cats, and I believe he visits from time to time from strange little events.

Animals have great souls and I believe that they have untainted souls because they are so pure with unconditional love. Energy like that can never die... It always lives on.. They have just left their earthly bodies.. Their soul lives on with in our hearts, and much much more...

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