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Anal glands?

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My Max has a stinky butt. There's no other way to say it. Sometimes it just gets really.....odorous (he's not gassy though), and if he sits sometimes there's a little stinky puddle. He doesn't seem uncomfortable, though.

From what I know about dogs, this would be an overactive anal gland issue....is it the same for cats? Is there anything we can do to alleviate this?
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A visit to the vet would be a good start, especially if he has "dribbling".
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
A visit to the vet would be a good start, especially if he has "dribbling".

does he drag his butt?
Teddy did, and we had his glands expressed. One was worse than the other and had a subsequent infection - but the expression and a shot of antibiotic cleared him right up. No more stinky butt, at least for a while now. : )
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I've never seen him drag his butt.

I guess I was just worried to take him to the vet & pay $40 for a visit if this wasn't abnormal....next time he's having a flare up I'll take him in.
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I've never had a cat with anal gland problems, so I'm speaking from dog experience here...

My newfoundland/lab mix has the worst anal glands known to man. He'll get them expressed and then the next day they're full again and he's draggin/chewing his butt. I found switching him to a wheat-free food helped immensely. I switched him to Nature's Recipe Easy-To-Digest lamb & rice formula and the difference is amazing.

So once your vet expresses your kitty's anal glands, if the problem recurs, try a change in food.
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With all the cats that owned me for all these years, last night I had the first anal gland experience with my Sage. The other cats noticed it first (they were all gathered around his rear) and the poor baby expressed himself on my hand when I went to investigate. He goes to the vet on Saturday and I will have the vet show me how to properly express it so I can save myself a trip if it flares up in the near future. Your right - it is STINKY, and I can see others wanting to mark where he sits - don't want to go there.

If the cat is uncomfortable, or is leaving undesirable smells around the house, it is best to have the vet express it. Talk to them about teaching you how to do it yourself - I have friends that have to perform this procedure on their cat on a regular basis.
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I advise a vet visit... what is the cat eating... stink issues are often from corn..
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