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Clawing Deterants Not Working

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Okay everyone, my little babies are wierd We have been letting them go onto the closed in patio and now recently they have started to try and claw the screens. So I bought some of that "No Stay" from PetsMart, supposedly they are supposed to be repelled by the smell. Well my cats loved it, I put some on my hand to see their reaction to it and they triend to rub my hand with their face right on the stuff. I sprayed it on the screen anyways and they still tried to claw. So I figured I would give lemon juice a try and I sprayed in on the screens and then sprayed some on my hands and went up to them. Same thing happened! They weren't as attracted to lemon juice as the "No Stay" but they definitely were not repelled by it since they didn't mind me putting my hand up to their face and they tried to claw the screen after I had sprayed them.

Evidently my babies are a bit unusual because lemon juice would make most cats back away. The only other things I can think of is taping aluminum foil on the bottom parts of the screen where they are trying to claw. I also thought about soft paws but I think that might me one heck of a fight! I can't just sit on the patio and scare them whenever they attempt to claw either. Do you think bitter apple might work even though the lemon juice didn't? Any other suggestions???????????
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Maybe orange juice would work better than lemon?? I think that lemon is more sour, but orange is more acidic.

Can you (temporarily) put double sided tape on the screen? This is also supposed to be a deterrant.

Maybe you can get creative and jerry-rig a can with rocks or ball bearings to the door so when they scratch and the door moves it will make noise. Don't know how well that would work but something to think about.

Hope this helps!
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Oh! The double sided sticky tape! I completely forgot about that! The patio walls from about about the knee up are screen windows so they do not move. So, I don't think the can of marbles would work unless there was someway to rig it to where it moved when they made a movement. You know, when ever I eat oranges and they come up to me they would always back away. I don't know that orange juice would have the same effect since it does smell different to me but it's worth a try. Thanks!
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sfell - howabout rigging some orange peel to the screen - that will surely work
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I have yet to find a repellent at the pet store that works One of the most effective things I have used is that Citrus2 spray. It smells like very strong oranges. I buy mine at wal-mart in the air freshner section.
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