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Cat Doesn't "COVER" Stuff in Litter Box!!!

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Would there be any reason why my cat doesn't even cover his stuff after he uses the litter box? He doesn't cover ANYTHING!!! It's terrible, I'll come home and it will be the most terrible smell, even if I've just scooped the box...more often than not, he's left me a little "present."

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Thats ok my Rosie doesn't either so Sophie usually jumps on after her and does it for her, only 5 minutes ago Sophie was downstairs when Rosie paid a visit and i have a lovely view of the package she's just left

I watched her and after she finished she gave the litter one flick then sauntered off!!
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I *wish* my other cat would do that...but NEITHER of them seem to cover. They're still keepers, though!!
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Willow doesn't cover anything either! He'll attempt a flick and then find something much more interesting to check out!

Sometimes Molly will cover it for him, but more often than not, I'll scoop straight away!

Maybe you could try a different litter that is easier to scrape at?!! Just a thought!
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Our RB Nibs never covered (and he had STINKY poop!) but Suzy would go in straight after him and cover for him. It was quite funny actually -- the look on her face always made me think of a woman finding the toilet seat up for umpty-umpth time, and muttering "Men!"
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It's generally a territorial issue in a home with more than one cat. it could be that adding a second litter pan will solve the problem.

It could also be that when this cat was a kitten he never learned to use a litter pan correctly, or was scared off before finishing his business and therefore doesn't know.

There is one bright spot to a cat not burying waste. You can monitor the health of the cat better by seeing if blood, or parasites are showing up in the stool. Once the stool gets covered, such things are hard to see.
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One of mine doesn't either. Sometimes mama will jump in and cover it for him. I'm trying to reteach him though
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Ailey doesnt cover either. It has gotten to where Salem and Isis will use one of the other litter pans (kitchen or laundry room) and let Ailey use the one in the bathroom. they wont even go in there if shes in the LB or right after lol reminds me of the kids coming out of the bathroom and giving everyone a warning not to go in there for a while lmao!!!
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Mooch and Noodles both tend to not cover on occasions. Moreso what they do is scratch all over in the wrong spot. Mostly flicking litter all over the floor! Our littermaid box has helped with it some for us. Also I've noticed that if I'm watching, they cover, if not, they don't always. Silly cats!
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raja won't cover her business either. but sammi comes in after her and covers it immediately. i think she doesn't know how to. recently she started doing it a little bit, but i think she didn't learn how to because i have an automatic litter box and it must have spooked her. she doesn't like to stay in it if im not there with her....when you are around your kitty, try covering it up for him with the scooper so he sees it's what he is supposed to do.
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Originally Posted by julia123
Would there be any reason why my cat doesn't even cover his stuff after he uses the litter box? He doesn't cover ANYTHING!!! It's terrible, I'll come home and it will be the most terrible smell, even if I've just scooped the box...more often than not, he's left me a little "present."

My little fella is the same. He seems to give it a half hearted attempted and then potters off leaving it uncovered. It means I have to stay on top of clearing his litter regularly.
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Tabby won't cover up either. Sometimes max will go in there and do it for her.
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Well I sure am glad to see this post. Because my kitten never ever has covered his stuff.

And i had always wondered about that. But now I see alot of people that thier cat does not cover it up either. Well that's good. I now know that my kitten is not the only sicko in the bunch.

It's not really a big problem for me though. I scoop every day, and we use the litter that gets the smell out right away. That really does work. It's like "gets oders on contact" or something. At least that's what the phrase resembles on the container. But it works.

We have two litter boxes, and that never helped with the not covering the poop problem.

Now, if i could only get him to poop in the litter box more often than not......
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I was happy to see this thread and a few others on this topic. Callie (my youngest) has recently stopped covering up her poop. She's my newest kitty... we got her last summer. For a few months both cats had good litter behavior and we've been using 2 litter boxes. Lately Callie has stopped covering and it's driving me nuts. Tigger gets annoyed too but she doesn't go in and cover it for Callie like some of your cats seem to do... she cries at the top of her lungs until I come and take care of it. This frequently happens in the middle of the night so I haven't had a good night's sleep in awhile!

I'm losing my mind!

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I'm still trying to figure out Jamie's behavior. If I'm not home, or sleeping, he covers his "mess". If I'm home, and awake, he won't cover it, and yowls to announce that he's finished and I should come clean up. Other cats we've had have either covered, or not.
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Mine don't cover, either. Although Tucker spends alot of time scratching at the sides of the box, bumping & banging around & making alot of noise in general before he is finished. Silly boy!
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We had a cat that would cover for fifteen minuites. He would shred the liner the first time out. We used to call him Leonardo when he was in one of his sculpting moods.
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I've had cats that did their business and hopped out, not covering anything. Others spend 15 mins covering everything up

If its strong smelling, it could be the type of food you are giving them. The cheaper foods will smell stronger then good quality foods. Also fish may make the poop smell more.

And some types of worms cause strong smelling wastes.
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I read somewhere that the more independent and dominate cat will not cover poop.
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Thats funny you say that because my more dominant cat covers both his and my girl cats poop. Nepheline (the girl) does a bunch of scratching on the side of the litter box and sometimes the floor beside the litter box and then walks away. He usually goes over right away after she leaves and covers it up.
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Johnny doesnt cover it either. He never has, and hes 6 years old! He usually stands in there for a little bit scratching at the walls around him, like he doesnt want to get his paws dirty, and then leaves. Luckily benji goes in after and covers it for him. Its almost like Benji doesnt want to smell it either haha. Gotta love cats
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haha! Kasha absolutly cant cover at all....she'll do her buisness and then look at it like "wow! new record" and shake off her paws and leave like what....and thats about when i start gagging....
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