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nervous about new vet

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I have moved recently and need to take everyone to the vet. I have lived here before, but really didn't warm up to any of the vets I used. A friend uses a nearby vet and likes him, but I don't think she is as picky as I am. I also know a lady who worked for this vet and she likes him. I have used his office before, but not this particular vet. There is a cat clinic here, but I know nothing about it except that it is run by women and deals exclusively with cats. I don't have any emergencies, just vaccinations and itchy ears. I would welcome any thoughts or opinions.
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Why don't you go down and check them out before making a decision?

You could just walk in and ask about fees for various services. They might have a brochure or a price list. It would give you a chance to check out the office and the staff. If you ask and they aren't busy, they'd probably let you see an exam room or meet the vet.

Remember too that it depends on what you're looking for. I had a cat once who injured her tail and needed it amputated. The surgeon who did it wasn't much of a people person, but once it healed there was no way to tell she wasn't born that way. It was a beautiful job. So I wouldn't invite the guy to a cocktail party, but his skills were superb. Sometimes people work with animals because they don't do as well with other people.
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My vet has the worst bed side manner. Definately not a people person. He is an amazing, caring vet though. I think some vets become vets as they can't handle people. I agree with Sunlion - go in and get a vibe off the staff.
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I agree with Ady and Sunlion, you should go in and check some places out before taking your furbabies there. Then you won't get stuck somewhere you feel uncomfortable. And you can look around and see how the other animals react to the vet and stuff like that. Good luck! Let us know if you find one.
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I called and spoke to each of them. The Cat Clinic is run by a vet that I had a huge argument with once and had been let go by another local office.It is not run by women like I had been told. He treated Fred for an abcess on his head and while they had him under, they called me and asked me if they could neuter him while they were at it. At that time, he had been neutered for several years. I was livid! It made me feel that they were either trying to rip me off, or were completely clueless. I will be using the vet that was recommended by my friend. I spoke to him (yes, the VET took my call when I asked) and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Iguess I had gotten spoiled by using the same guy for 30 years before I moved away from there. My parents used him and when I got pets of my own, I did, too. I miss Dr. Gradous!
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OMG! I can't believe that some vets are so stupid that they would try to rip you off or don't even know when a cat is neutered or not already. He DEFINITELY shouldn't be a vet if this is how he is.
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Aren't you glad you called! Imagine if you'd made the appointment and walked in to find that guy in the office!

I'm glad you found someone you feel pretty good about. The recommendation of a friend is reassuring, too.
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