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Wednesday's DT

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Good morning all. I think today will be a good day. I have a nation wide video conference this afternoon that should be interesting (over 100 participants). This means less work for me today! Yeah!

Did anyone watch Celine Dion on Larry King Live last night. It was an excellent interview. I really enjoyed it & I normally can't stand Larry King.

What is everyone else up to day?
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Yay Ady! less work!!!

I'm sitting at my desk eating a bowl of oatmeal. I just got in from the gym. I woke up early to swim laps. We have a short work week this today will probably be longer than usual.

Not much going on. Looking forward to having friday off. There is a water aerobics class I'm going to go to that I would normally miss because of work, and I may paint pottery (And FINALLY replace your mug Deb!!!!!) so it will be a nice relaxing day.

I missed the celine interview! and I would have really enjoyed seeing it to

everyone have a great day!
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Hi everyone!! Only meeeee!! I finally managed to get on the site after yesterdays probs!

Well today has been pretty good so far... nice and warm and sunny!! YEY!! Im still on the early shift so that means I get to leave an hour eary!! Off to the gym tonight.... was meant to go on Monday but didn't make it so better do double time tonight!! Been munching on serious amounts of fruit this last week in attempt to lose some ol' Chub!! But actually, I feel great for eating all that good stuff!!

Looking forward to the time off this Easter break, but hubby is working... which sucks bigtime....Oh well... guess I'll have to find something to amuse myself!! hahaha

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Not a really busy day for me. I have to pick out a new vet and get a new tag for the old Harley. It's raining and probably will be for a week or so if I get the tag. It never fails! My sweetie is off today, we will probably sit on the couch and watch it rain. Lazy slugs! Have a great day everybody!
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Last night about 3 a.m. himself dropped off a copy of the final decree. It's not everything I want, but I think it's okay. I'm going to have someone go over it and see what they say.

Otherwise, a quiet day. Dropped the kiddo off at school, gonna do some job hunting. Looks like I might be able to work part time until I can get hired full time. Have a teacher conference at 2 today, so that's pretty much the day. Maybe a trip thru' the grocery store too, but maybe not. She spends tomorrow night at her dad's so I can go then. It's easier without a child in tow.
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It's a beautiful day here in Houston, TX. The birds were singing by my window while I was getting up and ready for the day. Much more soothing that Libby's barking at 3:45 this morning! I'm in a really good mood despite the horrific traffic this morning.

Last night we had roast that I had cooking in the crock pot all day and it was quite yummy, if I do say so myself. I've been in a cooking and baking mood lately. The other day I made homemade banana bread; no nuts, I hate nuts.

I hope all of you have a great Wednesday. Anybody excited about Felicity tonight?
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Its a bright and sunny day here in the windy city We are finally coming out of the cold spell that we've been in for about the last week. We got snow the last two days...can you believe that!?! I am on Spring Break now and enjoying every minute of it when I'm not at work. I just watch tv and workout. Hope everyone has a great day!
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I finally did it. i took Rascal to the vet. I woke up at 5:30. I am worried but I am sure he's okay. I discovered that his neutering fee was $19.95 instead of $32. So, I included a rabies shot and a donation to the shelter. He did pretty good on the way to the vet. He was scared and when they took him in, he gave me the look of "mommy, where are they taking me?" I get to pick him up between four and six. I will tell you how it went tomorrow. After school, I am going home to have some lunch and then go and pick him up.
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Good morning! I am really busy at work today. Really frantic morning, but I thought I would take a couple minute break and check in here! It is beautiful out today. They said it was already 60 degrees at 9:00!

Sunlion, at least this part is almost over. Once the legalities are over you can start to concentrate on healing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Chin up!

Nena - I'm sure Rascal will be fine. I will be thinking of him and keeping positive energy going his way! I hate those looks that they give us! Doesn't it make you feel so bad?!? Trent does this every time we leave.

Happy spring day to everyone!
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Is this day over yet!?!?!!?
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Finally, home from work. Did well with 'Jeopardy', until final. I am NOT a baseball fan. Swing shift, the rest of this week - no getting up early, until next Wed.
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Teacher meeting went okay. She's reading at age level and even a little ahead. She's on target for math. She tends to stand out in the classroom because the other kids know the rules by now and she doesn't, but it sounds like she'd fitting in. She has some little friends and plays well with others and works alone well. The only problems she has, seem to be some separation anxiety (which the other kids worked thru' in the beginning of the year) and perhaps some emotional stuff from the divorce. So all in all pretty positive. I'm encouraged.
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AP!!! Hahahaha!!! You are too funny!!! Did your Wednesday suck by any chance?!?!?! Ahhahahah!!! I've been saying that everyday this week!!! Is it over yet!??!!? hahaha

Sunlion, glad your little girl is settling in better now....
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