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Who else has got a cold?

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Ok I woke up this morning feeling really lousy. I have a headache, blocked sinuses, a sore throat and a not to happy tummy. I can't get warm either. Feel rotten. Who else has got a cold just now - and what do you do to cheer yourself up when you get sick? Has anyone got any strange "remedies" they swear by?
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I have half a cold, my eyes are all puffy, my skin is all white, and my friend has arrived for the month
Luckly though and i hope i dont jinx it that i dont have the pains to go with it!
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I'm touching wood here because i havent been hit by it, so i hope it stays that way.

When i have cold or flu though Emma i like to lie in peace and quiet, no fuss from anyone and just drink plenty fluids, ibuprofen and plenty of rest because my mum always used to say sleeps the best form of medicine when your like that.

Hope you feel better soon, and you Fran
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I had a cold 2 weeks ago which I only started to get rid of on Friday last week, and then on Sunday I started to get a sore chest and felt rotten. Then I went to docs and have a chest infection! I feel so ill Ive been off work since Tuesday and I have lost my voice through coughing so much. I just feel sick.
Not much makes me feel better TBH. Nurofen is pretty good at dulling the pain (head, chest etc) so I usually stock up on that. I keep getting nose bleeds though, not sure how this is related..?
I hate being ill at this time of year because you just have so much to do and it's a total inconvinience. aaarrrghhhhh.
One thing that does make me feel a bit better is the way the cats have been coming up and snuggling on the bed with me when Ive been sleeping.
Get well soon everyone who's ill!
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Get well everyone!

Thank you susan!!
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I have had a cold & a cough for 2 weeks. I felt miserable.
I am finally beginning to feel better.
Hugs to everyone who is suffering a cold.
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Don't you just hate the way your nose goes all red from the repeated tissue use and they way you just feel soooo disgusting? like bllllaaaaaaggghhhh
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bllllaaaaaaggghhhh is exactly how I have been feeling.
Originally Posted by Pombina
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i got a cold on saturday last week i had a head ache for two days straight a stuffy/runny (or however u spell runny) nose, my throat hurt i was exhausted and ya i think its goin away now kind of... maybe... ummm... ya
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Well I can join the club too. I caught a cold last Saturday complete with runny/congested nose and an annoying cough. Anyone else want to join the club? I'll give my cold away for free!
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Me Me Me, a cold and allegries, I have been suffering for a few months and the last 2 weeks I have felt rotten.
My Daughter says that Airborne works great if you start it when you first notice it coming on
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One word- Airborne- take it now, and it will help
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Me too!!!

Its the latest strain thats been going around - Boyfriend has it as well!!
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