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please pray for Boo...

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Boo is my favorite little mouse in the whole world. She's just over a year old and I love her to pieces. I've had her since she was born (no bigger than my pinky finger nail!).

I was cleaning her and her sisters cage today and while I was petting Boo (she LOVES to be loved) before putting her back in her cage I noticed a lump on her side. After closer inspection I realized its a realitively large lump, hiding under her fur. Its just under her right front leg.

My vet says that its a tumor, which mice and rats are very prone to. He dosen't think that he can remove it because of the close proximity to her lungs. He's afraid that it would kill her if he tried. Mice usually only live to 1-2 years old, so I knew that she was nearing the end of her life, but I just wasn't expecting it to be this way!! I am absolutely devestated!

She dosen't seem to be in any pain, is eating normally, not losing any weight, playing and exercising like normal. She acts like nothing is wrong. All we can do now is observe her and make sure that she isn't in pain.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking its just a mouse, but they really are amazing creatures and you would be amazed at how loving they are and how quickly they steal your heart!

Please pray for Boo. Thanks so much for letting me get this off my chest!
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Your in our prayers Boo. I love mice, I had to take mine to a shelter cause kitty kept thinking they were lunch. I understand. My hubbie and I loved them like they were our children. They loved us equally as much.

Bless you Boo!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh little Boo! How sad for you I'm sorry about this news.

And no animal is `just' an animal - especially not to people here! Animals are the joy of the world and the light of our lives, mouse or lion.

Lots of hugs to you and little Boo, I hope everything works out for the best
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Darling little Boo, I'm praying for you! Please be well! Gentle snuggles to you and your Mommy from us!
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I am thinking of you and your little Boo....

Sending lots of get well vibes your way

Eva x
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aw sweetie, yes, rats and mice are very prone to tumours - but they don't tend to caue any pain. Lots of love for you and little Boo.
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Thank you all for the vibes, prayers and thoughts. It really helps to have such supportive people. Most people I know think that mice are gross and can't understand how I could love them so much.
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Praying for Boo.
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Prayers for little Boo. He sounds like a wonderful little mouse.
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Awww little Boo Get better for mommy! I am sorry you are going through this, and I hope you have a lot more time left to spend with her.
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Little Boo, you will be in my prayers.
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Boo you are in my prayers.
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I am praying for you, Boo, i hope you get better!!
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I never thought much of mice & rats until friends of ours got some. They're really cool! His got tumors too, and they don't live very long. But they're so active and responsive and they have a lot of fun with theirs. I certainly understand your attachment. They are your pets after all.
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