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An early xmas gift from Mommy Dearest!

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Hey guys... I haven't been around for a while because I've been very busy with work... as u knew I was working and saving money so my mother could move up from Florida and get an apartment with me... well I had $2200... my mother came up... we found an apartment... and not even 5 hours after I put $1000 down on the apartment, my 'loving' mother decided to pick a fight with me and tell me that she was moving back to Florida... nice right??

Then, to top that off, Adrian was in the hospital again for 2 days... she had the nerve to show up at the hospital and cause a scene which ended in me telling her to take the money and shove it, basically... I told her that I refused to live with her because she is unstable and delusional, and if it took $1000 to figure that out then I got away cheap...

I'm just so frustrated right now because Adrian and I have decided to get an apartment together... which, may or may not be a great idea... but right now it's the only option for either one of us... because I need a place to live since my aunt and uncle are only allowing me to stay with them until after the holidays so I can properly transfer my job back to the city and so I wont be homeless for Christmas... and Adrian needs to get out of his brothers house as soon as possible also... the reason I'm frustrated, right now, is not because I have to live with Adrian because as you all well know, I love him to death and we have a wonderful friendship so, I would have no problem living with him... my frustration is because I feel like I'm right back where I started 6 months ago... I busted my butt to make that money and now it's half gone... and I only have a month to make it up... so I'm going to try to get a second part-time overnight job in Kohl's so I can bring in some more money... hopefully it'll all work out...
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Oh Sweetie....I am so sorry!

I am guessing it wasn't suitable to keep that apartment for you and Adrain then? so you didn't have to loose your money.

It really sucks that you lost so much money all because of your mom....

I really hope you can find somewhere to live, and that you don't have to kill yourself to get the money for it.....

Take care and know we are always here if you need to talk

Eva x
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Liza so sorry to hear things did not turn out as you wanted with your mom.
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if it was your 1,000 why did your mother take it?
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I gave the money to the landlord for the security deposit... she refused to give me the key when she started arguing with me and I havent heard from her since she came to the hospital so I dont know if she's still in NY or if she's in Florida... it just sux... but I know that Adrian and I can make it work...

ps...... he told me he loved me this morning.... (he's never really said it like that...)
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