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bad behavior?

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My ragdoll is constantly putting her toys in the food and water bowl dishes. Why would he do that? Does he not know that he won't have access to these toys if they are wet?
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Mine do that too. I've heard that they think the toys (or in my case, hair ties) are their babies and need to eat and drink so they're feeding them. I don't know if that's true but I like the story so I'm sticking to it!
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but my ragdoll is a fixed male
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I have a neutered male kitten who dumps all his toys in his water fountain. I don't know why, maybe he's trying to clean off his toys. It's just another kitty quirk, just gotta take the toys out and refill the fountain.
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Buy ping pong balls, they float!
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Festus (my spayed girl) sometimes puts her toys in the water dish. I thought it was her way of keeping them away from Garfield at first! But she also loves shoving them under the stove so she can fish them back out. I guess it is just fun sometimes to splash around in the water dish, fishing for a crinkle ball!

She also plays fetch with her crinkle ball, by bringing it up to us to throw or flick across the floor so she can chase it! Isn't there a song about that called Cats Just Gotta Have Fun?!?
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My cats once killed a mouse and put it in their water dish (yuck). I never quite figured that one out, unless they actually drowned the mouse.
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My mom and dad have a cat that put his toys in the water dish. But it doesn't stop there...they've found pantyhose, socks, underware, small stuffed animals, and a pen once. What's nice is that he'll fish out his water logged toys and drop them on your lap.
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One of my Birmans does that too. I have found toy mousies in the water bowl as well as a shoelace and a ping pong ball. Sometimes there are so many toys in the water bowl that the toys are all saturated and there's no water left.

I have noticed that one of them will carry her toy in her mouth then go for a drink and obviously as she goes to lick the water the mousey falls out of her mouth. She just leaves it there then meows at me to go get it for her.
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