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Stray Cat Needs Home in CA

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I was in charge yesterday at the vet hospital (I'm a RVT) and a female cat came in for a spay. The Dr. examined her and suggested to the owners that we do a FeLv/FIV Combo test due to her questionable history as a stray/feral, before we do the surgery and vaccines. She had fleas and has gingivitis (needs a dental). The owners then told us "if she has so many problems, why don't we EUTHANIZE her?" The cat appears to otherwise be a healthy 5-7 year old.

Everyone was upset, but no one would offer to take the cat. The Dr. and I convinced the owners to pay for the spay and vax if someone would rehome the kitty. We did a FeLv/FIV test (which was negative) and went ahead with the operation. I got the owners to sign the cat over to me. The choice was mine to euthanize or take her home. I couldn't euthanize a fairly healthy appearing cat.

I can't keep the cat under any circumstances. I have cat-eating dogs and a cat-eating Dad!

I will see to it that she is properly vaccinated. She does need a dental still. I've already treated her with Advantage and ivermectin (just in case). The cat is living in a dog crate in our garage (poor girl)! She is semi-wild, but very sweet and easy to handle. She does seem to love attention and will follow me around, so she's not completely wild. I'm not sure she would be a good house cat, but would probably do well on a ranch or farm as a barn cat. She's about 8 pounds and a DSH grayish-brown tabby.


If anyone knows someone in Northern CA who would take good care of her, please email me at cannelle@rocketmail.com
I am located in Butte County.
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That was a wonderful thing you did - and good luck with her placement. Sure wish I was not all the way across the country!
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what a kind and wonderful person you are. there needs to be more like you in this world. have you placed a heart warming ad in your local paper? you can also put up signs at other vets bullinton boards and pet smart will allow you to do this to. is there a no kill animal shelter near you that takes their animals to pet smart and trys to find them homes? i'm no where near ca! please keep us updated on what happens. thank you so much for saving this kitties life. i will say a special prayer tonight that she finds a LOVING home. god bless you
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That was so sweet and kind of you to take this cat and give it the care that it needed. If I lived close by, I would talk hubby into letting us get another kitty. Good luck finding a loving home for her. Keep us updated.
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I really hope you find a home for her, that was sweet of you to help her out!!! Let us know!!!!
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Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement.

Unfortunately, all of the shelters in my area are kill shelters and there are no reputable cat rescues that I know of in Butte County, CA. Even rescues in neighboring counties limit their placements to house-cats only. I have had better luck in the past with the internet rather than classified ads for finding quality people who really care for their pets.

I am normally heavily involved in guinea pig and canine rescue, so I do have a bit of a "record," so to speak...

I also wanted to address the .... comment about the pet store. I not not shop at nor use in any way pet stores that sell animals. I think it only perpetuates the abuse and I think it is a good marketing strategy on the part of the pet store to cater to "rescue." Especially when they're being attacked on all fronts for not properly caring for the animals (big and small) in their stores.

This cat will not be a dump again. I will certainly make sure she is going to a responsible home. I will keep trying.
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I agree about pet stores with animals.

You are such an ! thank goodness you were there.


Check out www.petshelter.org and www.petfinder.net
You can list animals and find shelter groups in your area you might not know about.

Seek out a feral rescue group in your area.

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Pray and don't give up hope! Good luck. Sorry we're all so far away.
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I hope you find a home for her soon. What a wonderful thing you did. The good karma will be coming back to you.
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Any news on a home for this little girl?
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Not yet. A few "maybes." Nothing serious. She's doing well (all healed up from her spay), dewormed, defleaed, etc. Her dental is scheduled for Friday. Perhaps someone at the vet hospital will know of someone. She is getting to be quite the affectionate lady. Perhaps she would be a great housepet?
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i've seen lots of outside cats who are a little wild be turned into very affectionate house cats! keep us posted.
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If I were closer, I would take her. But I am in Oregon
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That is soooo nice of you to take her in and help her. It is too bad I live way over in New York. We are a real cat family here and I myself have 6 strays. Best of luck and I hope she finds some real nice family.

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Hi,.You are trully a wonderful person to care for this cat,.I believe it was Susan that had a few very good ideas,.a local shelter,.or even better a farm,.or ranch that might be able to care for a barn cat or a mouser,.that sounds pretty good to me,..Good Luck,..
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I have not had any luck thus far. I'm trying to get an out of the area rescue group involved. I might have some luck, but I'm still working out the details.
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