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Well once I opened the cabinet door and hit myself in the head! ouch!!!!!!!!!!

Another time I had some help. I was taking Jazz to the vet, she was crying in her carrier . I bent over looking at her in the carrier reassuring her that we would be home soon when the elevator came and my neighbor came out hitting me in the head (again with the head) with the elevator door .
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someone I know broke their leg--yes BROKE it--playing horse. For those of you who don't know, horse is a non-contact basketball game where you stand in one place and make a shot, then the other person has to stand in the same place and make it, etc. This involved no running, jumping, or anything.

Bf has injured himself in many stupid ways but I don't know any off the top of my head.

I know two girls who broke their ahnd/knuckles punching a wall out of anger and hitting a stud by mistake.

I also know a girl who was so ticked at her bf that she stomped around the house in anger and did some serious damage to her feet.

But me? I don't know. I've done stupid things, like closed a storm door while my foot was planted in the doorway, so that it shut over my BARE foot, and I had to open the door to release it. But nothing really funny just yet. I'm sure it will happen.
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Here's a happy, yet stupid, way to hurt yourself.

On my 23rd birthday, I was drunk and jumped on my pal's back for a piggy back ride. But I didn't catch his shoulders with my arms, and i fell backward while he was holding onto my legs.

I fell back to the ground, with him still holding my legs, while wearing a small skirt. He kept holding my legs, the world kept seeing my underwear , and I broke my pinkie finger!

But didn't find this out until the next day when I sobered up and it turned black and blue. yuk!
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When I was a senior in high school, I had just boughten myself a new pair of Doc Martin boots, I loved them! So the very first day I wore them, I started down our back steps and I twisted my ankle and fell all the way down the steps (I always have a really bad time with falling down stairs, not sure why!?)

Anyways, my mom comes running out, cuz obviously she heard me fall and the FIRST thing she says to me is OMG! Did you scuff your new Docs?! ......Thanks mom, I'm not hurt or anything, worry about my shoes first!!

I ended up massively spraining my ankle, and tearing some ligaments...I was on crutches forever and ended up missing the last 5 games of my senior year in volleyball

My mom felt bad then cuz she sent me to school walking on my ankle all morning, and when I couldn't walk or stand up by that afternoon, she thought it would be okay for me to go to the Dr....lets just say I made her pay for making me suffer!
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I have done so many stupid things it's hard to remember them all but I have such a reputation in my family for being stupid..
When I was about 6 me and my sis were staying at friends of the family's house. They had a conservatory with huge glass patio doors, in the morning when I woke up I ran downstairs and into the conservatory except the doors werent open...
My family used to have a caravan and we always went away in it on holiday. When we first used to arrive and were getting set up we used to have to climb up to the door, coz we were teeny, before my dad had found the step and put that out. I used to walk out the caravan and forget the step wasnt there and fall all the way to the ground.
We were having a water fight in the garden once and I was bare foot and stood on a drawing pin, my cousin had to pull it all the way out of my foot.
I was once straightening my hair in my underwear and dropped the straightening iron on my chest....BIG blister
Yesterday I was putting milk in the fridge and caught my ring on something and ripped my ring open ( ) and have had to have stitches in my finger as the cut is very deep and wouldnt stop bleeding, still dont know what exactly cut me...
Wow there's too many to post I'm going to start embarrassing myself soon...
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I dropped a maul(no, not a shopping mall) on my foot once. I picked it up off my toes, only to drop it on the other foot! Hurt like heck, but I was laughing at the time.

Last fall, after the loss of my beloved puppy, I had to do some repairs on a dog pen. I was working in dad's shop when I ripped my toes nail off on a home made grate on the floor. I didn't rip ia all the way off, though. Dad wanted to wait until Mon to take me to the doctor so I could see a toe guy. Sun it was bleeding so bad they couldn't get it to stop. They still made me wait an hour and a half so they could take me to the emergency room cheaper!

Natalie's week of heck!
Sun, stung by bee in big toe.
Mon, fine
Tue, bee sting swollen so bad must go to doctor, had to sit with my foot elevated & tell everyone at work why I couldn't come to work
Wed, toe better
Thur, Jess(my puppy) died-spent the day crying
Fri, lonesome
Sat, ripped off toenail(see story above)
Sun, go to ER

I tripped over a tiller blade & had to get stiches in my foot once trying to save some kittens. I was, like, 5 years old & crawling over an antique tiller.

I knocked a plant of a shelf a week ago. The pot kit my head & shattered. The worst part about it, that pot has been handed down through 5 generations of my mom's family. Thankfully, my grandma had some cheap replicas made(like 3 dozen) & gave one to mom so no one will ever know!

I didn't hurt myself too bad in this story, but I did feel really guilty. I went sledding with good old Pixie(our 100# Lab at the time). She must've been 10 or 11 years old. I was the same age(we were born exatly one month apart). She climbed in the sled with me, but on the way down the hill jumped out to run ahead. I was going too fast & was going to break through the ice in the creek. She jumped in front of me & stopped the sled(probably saved my life). I broke her leg in 3 places when I hit her with the sled(it was a wooden tobaggan). I still feel guilty for this. I ended up with a few cuts & bruises, but broke my beloved dog that I grew up with.
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A couple of summers ago I was poop scooping when I ran into a spiders web. I jerked my arms back and slammed the butt of the scooper shovel right into my eye. I had quite the shiner for a while.
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I once cut my hand on a wicker bread basket...
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My recent blunder: walking up and down stairs and after my knees started aching, took a hike up a canyon in the foothills. I'm off for an MRI on Saturday - X-rays didn't show anything and will find out next week if I need surgery. Either I tore something in both knees, or it's an old injury that I flaired up again. Oh yeah, the old injury: lifting a console TV (by myself) onto a shelf at the store I worked at when I was 18. My knees locked up from the weight. Both are stupid injuries.
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Oh yes, I'm such a clumsy girl, too...!

There are lots of incidents where I had to laugh first and then cry, but the most recent one just happened a few hours ago.
My bf was about to leave for work and I wanted to flash him so he knew what was waiting for him anyway, I'm wearing not only a t-shirt but also a zipper cardigan on top and I had forgotten about that, so when I pulled up my shirt, the metal zipper smacked me right on my upper lip*ouch*
We stood in the kitchen laughing very hard for several minutes until I could walk to the bathroom and see how my lip had swollen...*innocent whistle*
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Originally Posted by Minerva
My bf was about to leave for work and I wanted to flash him so he knew what was waiting for him anyway, I'm wearing not only a t-shirt but also a zipper cardigan on top and I had forgotten about that, so when I pulled up my shirt, the metal zipper smacked me right on my upper lip*ouch*
We stood in the kitchen laughing very hard for several minutes until I could walk to the bathroom and see how my lip had swollen...*innocent whistle*

Well, serves you right for being such a floozie!
I was swimming at an old quarry once while my husband sat on the shore watching. The place was deserted, so I suddenly lept out of the water and flashed him. Just as a couple with their young children came walking over the hill.... At least Dave was amused!
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Originally Posted by chichismom
I sliced the top of my thumb trying to cut a dog chew treat in half once! There was only one left, and 2 dogs so I figured I could just cut it in half, after all I done it before a couple times, but after I mutilated my thumb I don't think I will be trying again LOL
I did that last night!! It wasn't cutting a chew in half, but I was clipping Chester's nails and my clippers need sharpening so I decided to use the kitchen scissors instead because they are super-sharp. I was holding his foot and pressing together with the scissors on one of his nails, and then they gave with a sharp snap, and my thumb was in the way, and I've sliced it about half the way around. It hurts like anything and I thought I might have to have it stitched at one point cos those scissors really are VERY sharp! What a dill...

Here is a list of silly but very dangerous things I have done in my life as being a clumsy kid!

1. 4 years old - spilled kettle of boiling water on feet trying to pour my grandpa a cup of tea. Two weeks in hospital, third degree burns, skin grafts, one month in a wheelchair.
2. 11 years old - tried to climb down onto a rock whilst watching beginning of Sydney to Hobart yacht race, slipped, fell down cliff face landed between two giant boulders cut and bruised from head to foot.
3. 16 years old - ballet class came out of a turn and broke bone in foot in half. Had it removed surgically 8 months later.
4. 20 years old - fell off a shelf that I was leaning on (it came off the wall) broke wrist, had subsequent surgery on wrist and shoulder, never been the same since.

Talk about accident prone!!
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I never realized how often I smacked myself in the face until I got my eyebrow pierced In the 3 months I've had it I have smacked it numerous times, gotten it caught in a crocheted blanket once or twice, gotten my fingernail caught under it and slightly ripped it once, and I slammed my face into the steering wheel of my car. Talk about accident prone, my forehead is apparently a magnet for pain.

I gave myself severe burns underneath a fingernail while making cinnamon toast. Accidently stuck my finger in molten sugar and it solidified under my nail. Owwwww.

And the stupidest, yet most preventable:

I have loved cats as long as I can remember. I have been very allergic to cats for as long as I can remember. I have learned to live with being sniffly, I'm sniffly even without the cats. Why can I not learn to pet the cat and then wash my hands rather than pet the cat and promptly rub my eyes? They swell closed and itch like crazy, you'd think I would remember after the first time. Nope.

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Ok guys! Here are some to take the cake!!

For myself:
Threw my back out zipping up my pants, TWICE!
Broke my toe kicking someone.

One time I was learning how to shoot bottle caps with your fingers and I shot it right into my BF's forehead, cutting him. That same day he smacked the door in the same spot on himself! :0

My neighbor though wins! She was putting her socks on, had a back spasm, and BROKE her back!

I'm a huge clutz! But I admit it atleast!
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At I know I'm not the only klutz in the world I am forever banging onto something or bouncing off something, the other day I bounced off two door frames and a wall, I swear I can't even walk straight! My bf always says I'm the biggest klutz he's ever seen. I love to cook but I'm starting to think I'm not meant to b/c I can't seem to get through making one meal without cutting my fingers, I've got scars all over my hands... The most embarassing thing I've done in recent years is walk into a glass patio door, right after I made fun of someone else for ALMOST doing it...well 10 minutes later I DONE it! And I ended with a big bruised on my forehead (try explaining that one ) and my knee.
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when i was 12 i was playing freeze tag with some friends at the playground. i ran into the slide and chipped my permanent tooth.

we moved into our new house and were painting trim. i fell down the stairs and into the banister leaving a huges scrapes and bruise on my back. a month later i was washing clothes and carring a basket of dirty laundry down the stairs. i fell down half a flight twisting my anle. so i sat on the floor home alone, heavy basket on top of me, crying! LOL

i dont carry anyhting up or down the stairs anymore!
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great thread

we live in an old church so there used to be toilet stals we still have one. when i went to go out i missed the opening and totaly walked into the frame with my head.

we have this low gate type thing to keep the dogs and cats in the kitchen.
everybody always stubes their toes or knees on them. i usualy dont and i always jump over it. well the one time i kind of miscalculated and jumped right into it with my knee huge bruise i could hardly walk. but just keep it cool right.

i was wondering the one day how cats have such good balance so i tried it on the railing of my wooden bed. i fell of a couple times. but thought i dont care how much i get hurt i am going to balance on here for at least 5 min (dont ask why) wel that was a bad idea i slipped, fell hit my shin on the railing. i had a dent in my leg! it was purple with blue and i had goose pumps in that same spot for the rest of the day. i still have the bruise.
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I walked into a cement streetpole once - my head was turned sideways
I gave myself a little electric shock when my coffeemaker was leaking, and I decided to move it out of the water when it was still plugged in. My fingers started twitching, then I thought "that's weird" and tried it again, giving myself another shock!
and, I was out biking with my mom once and I crashed into the back of her bike! I fell over sideways, and I still have the scars on my shin from when the pedal hit me!
Believe it or not, no alcohol was involved in any of these!
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when i was 21, i took 3 friends to six flags, an amusement park here in the DFW area. we were an incredibly long line for a ride, & one of the guys & i decided we wanted a drink, so we left the other 2 people in line, & went to a food stand. when we came back, we couldn't find them. then my friend Jess whistled, & we saw they were standing out of line. i started running over to where they were & tripped over a knee-high chain between 2 posts. whammed my chin into the asphalt :ouch: ended up with 15 stitches. it was so dark in the area i didn't see the chain...
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It's a relief to hear that other people are as klutzy as I am! I was feeding seagulls dead clams (scooping out the contents and throwing them into the air) once, when a "dead" clam closed its shell on my finger, breaking it. Another time I was visiting my parents, and their very large, fat dog was standing on the landing of the steps when I walked in the door. He hadn't seen me for almost two years (I live on another continent), got excited, jumped, and landed on my big toe. I hobbled around for a few weeks before going to the doctor's, where I was told the toe was broken. Another time I tripped over one of our dogs, and cracked my ankle against the open dishwasher door, fracturing it. Oh, yeah - in high school an errant basketball broke my nose.
The very best story is: One week before our wedding, my husband and I were drinking coffee in bed in my dorm room. We had the coffee cups on the floor beside the bed, and both managed to reach for our respective cups at the same time. He cracked me in the nose with his elbow, giving me a broken nose and two shiners. Needless to say, I was very heavily made up on our wedding day!
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I've had some scary stuff happen but as far as silly...

6th grade I was playing soccer (not very good at it evidently!!). Well I had to kick the ball back to my partner and yah I missed. I kicked over the ball and flipped onto my shoulders, my head hit so hard I was knocked out and seizured.

Scared the crap out of everyone there. The only time I've been in an ambulance... Other than contusions there was nothing wrong with me. I just landed completely wrong.

How do you miss the soccer ball? I kicked over the top. Something you would see from teh 3 stooges or something...
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one of the most dangerous things I did was as a little girl (maybe 2 or 3 years, I still remember it vividly!). My mum was going to make steaks or something like that and she wanted to get the flour from the adjoining room, so she left the hot oil in the pan with me watching. Well, I've always been a very curious kid and of course I wanted to watch close up, so I pulled on the handle and down came the pan, pouring the sizzling oil over my left arm and just that moment my mum returned. THAT was painful!!!!! It took years for the scars to heal, but I suffered no greater damage back then, one or two visits to the doctor did the trick*relieved sigh*
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One night I couldn't get the aluminum cap off a cheap bottle of champaign so I took a butter knife to it trying to pry it off. It slipped and I sawed into a knuckle on the hand holding the bottle... jagged dull edged knife + lots of pressure + loose knuckle skin = deep, deep owie. It wouldn't stop bleeding and needed stitches, but I was stubborn (I'd already had some to drink & couldn't drive to the hospital, and I'll be dawged if I'd pay $1000 for an ambulance over that!) so I put a splint on it to hold the skin together so it would stop bleeding. Well really, it was a gerbil's wood chew stick and clear tape until I got to the drug store the next day to get a real splint. Had to wear it for a week until it healed well enough to bend the finger without bursting the wound open again. I still have a little bit of the scar.

When I was 15 and absolutely INSANE, I had a fight with my even crazier boyfriend and decided to make him feel sorry for me. Remembering my dad had a bottle of boric acid he used to clean the pontoons on his boat with, I went and got it and drew his initial in my palm with a q-tip thinking it would be a "kitchen burn" at best. Uh, WRONG. 3rd degree burn that came with 2 months of physical therapy just to be able to use my hand again. I still have a huge scar tissue 'T' on my palm, 16 years later. Should've just got a tattoo.
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All I can say is OUCH! Some of us need to just live in a padded bubble!

I think my worst boo boo other than my back also happend when I was working at the same store as when I hurt my back. The cards came in these cardboard trays with handles cut in them. And well we had these gel candles that weren't selling so someone (I don't know who but not me!) put them in the trays and stacked a few trays. So then I get to work and my boss asks me to help another girl get them on shelves in the storage room. We were picking them up together 2-3 trays at a time together. Well she went to lift one without me so I went to help but it was too late! The cardboard caved, the candle containers broke, and I cought falling glass! The result was 4 stitches and a lot of jokes. Note to self: do not attempt to catch falling glass! I had blood all over because I just spun around to run into the bathroom to wash the cut out. I mean not only was there blood on the walls and the floor, but also a spatter line on the back of my pants! Fortunatley my boss let one of my co-workers stay with me at the walk in clinic where I got the stitches. I would have passed out or gotten sick over it without her!
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Well, this is minor compared to the others I'm reading, but this morning I was putting towels in the washing machine. Well I had my left hand resting on the washer as I bent over to pick up more towels. The washer lid somehow SLAMMED shut on my hand. It hurt so bad I could hardly move. I got my hand out, and headed for the freezer and an ice pack. By this time I was crying, because it hurt so bad.

And my wedding ring has gotten too tight to remove, and I knew it had hit my wedding ring, that finger, and the pinkie finger. I was afraid if my ring finger was hurt, I would have to have my wedding ring cut off...so that made me cry even more.

Luckily, dh heard the bang of the washer, so he came out and got me the ice pack...and once it stopped hurting so bad, I realized it was the diamond of my wedding ring smashing into my pinky that did the damage. So my wedding ring is fine, my pinkie is sore, but all is well.

In the past I have pulled off toenails by opening doors over my bare feet, shut my finger in a (locked) car door, and fell out of a tree while reaching for that perfect apple.
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when i was 13 i ran over my leg with my grandfather's quad...ooop it got stuck too and my brother had to pull it out. duh

walking into the wall when huband is in his birthday suit. although i think he likes that one

banged my head on a medal bar when i was a laundry mat when i lived in temporary housing with my dad (military). my dad was talking to me and i was not paying attention. i slammed the back of my head into the bar and needless to say was in critical condition in the hopsital. apparently i had a contusion to the brain. needless to say i remember nothing

i played soccer in highschool and was told by the emergency nurses that knew me by first name that it would be easier for me to just break my ankles this time since i was in there so often for spraines and other ankle injuries, blood clots. i think that would be the worst one though.
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I think this thread jinxed me. I saw it the other day and couldn't think of anything, then today I was cutting the zip ties off my Opal's carrier with a steak knife...and you can figure out the rest. I have four short cuts on my wrists. It's not a good look; they look like hesitation marks. Cut AWAY from your body!
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Originally Posted by Purr
I think this thread jinxed me. I saw it the other day and couldn't think of anything, then today I was cutting the zip ties off my Opal's carrier with a steak knife...and you can figure out the rest. I have four short cuts on my wrists. It's not a good look; they look like hesitation marks. Cut AWAY from your body!

Atleast you don't have "successful" marks on them!!!
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When I was about 10 I was downstairs in my parents (at the time unfinished basement with a concrete floor) for some reason as I was squated on the floor I thought it would be fun to see how many times I could wrap my arms around my legs ..well I was able to twist my arms around my legs a few times and then lost my balance ..I fell face first onto the cement and of course I couldn't get my hands free to break my fall so I ended up landing on my chin and cutting myself up..I felt like such an idiot!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly
Atleast you don't have "successful" marks on them!!!
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