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This is the girl we trapped at work Sunday. She got her spay Monday and will be released to be a barn cat in a few days. It just breaks my heart that the best a person can do is not all a cat deserves. I do have her kitten Missy here at the house as a foster through the holidays. She is young enough to learn that people and houses are good things.
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There is the picture. Sowwy, I am still kinda emotional over this.
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I adopted 3 feral barn cats. Two I rarely see, and I am really not sure if they still live here! But Jeff lives in an old car in our backyard, that has 1 window rolled down. I think the cats love it because it gets warm inside from the sun, because he is not the first kitty to live in it!

Jeff does shy away if he sees me watching him out the window. A week or so ago, I put out his food in the pole barn, shaking the food can and calling, "Here, kitty kitty!" Then instead of walking out of the building and slamming the door, like I do usually, I stayed inside and slammed the door. Up popped Jeff. Then he froze as I called "Here, kitty kitty!" Then I did blinkies, and then I left.

No, he is not my pet. No, I don't have the joy of watching him, or his brother (if the brother is still even here.) But Jeff lives an independent life. He comes and goes as he pleases. We used to see him with his brother occasionally, but with the cold weather everyone lays low. He has shelter, fresh water, and daily food. He does not seem unhappy to me, except when I LOOK at him! And since he is neutered, he is not adding to the population problem.

I know it doesn't seem as nice as Festus and Garfield, living inside and getting attention and treats. But it is a happy carefree life for Jeff, with minimal interference from scary humans.

I'm glad her daughter Missy will be able to be a nice pet. But I think her being spayed and getting to live in a barn is not too bad a life.
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She is such a cutie!!!

At least her baby Missy will have a good chance at life.
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I know how you feel! I feel the same way about Maj. Grey -
he deserves more than he has or gets! But I know
he's doing well to have me looking out for him,
feeding him and taking care of him, even if he
won't use my shelters or come inside the house,

She is lucky tho, she'll
have a peaceful safe place with food and water and
shelter (warm in winter!) and someone who looks out for her...

In time she may even warm up to people and get attention -
on her terms!

Great work rescuing the kitten! They both are lovely.
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