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Do you ever take baths? I hardly ever do, but when I do...I love them!!!
We have this nice big tub and I've only used it *once* since we moved here (it's separate from the shower in the master bathroom). So this afternoon I was kinda cold and had a headache and I thought taking a bath sounded like JUST the thing.
Oh my gracious. It was the most blissful bath I've ever taken. I just laid there for like half an hour. No TV. No radio. Just silence. I feel SO relaxed right now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
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I love baths. Ever scince I had my daughter, I have only gotten a couple. But when I do...IT IS GREAT!!

My mom has one of those tubs with the jets, and it's like a whirlpool in your bathroom. She lights all these candles, and goes in with a glass of wine, and comes out like a new person. lol. Baths are good for anyone. lol

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Leah - LOL at "baths=good"! I agree!!
We were thinking of getting jets in our bathtub when we were picking out the specs for our house but we decided against it cuz it was pretty expensive. I kinda wish we had gotten them, but....
Anyway yeah, I had candles lit too! They just add to the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere!
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I put it as hot as I can stand it, with bath salts and such, (usually lavander) light scented candles, turn off the lights, attach my bath pillow, turn on a Celtic CD, bring a glass of wine and sometimes a book, close the door or it won't be very peaceful (you can imagine) and yes, about 1/2 hour later, I emerge a new person. I usually do it on Sunday nights as a way of treating myself after a long week.
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yes, but i dont enjoy it at my parents, dunno... the bath isnt so nice
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I take bubble baths all the time!
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I MUST have a bath at least twice a day with salts, but i lie in it for ages on the evening, and sometimes a glass of wine comes in with me
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I loooove baths. But I have never had one in my flat. I never seem to have time...
I was thinking about having one today but I think it might be too much effort since Im feeling ill.
I love the one in my mums bathroom its enormous and has jets etc great fun! When I lived there I used to set aside a couple of hours to lie in it and read my book
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I love baths, I miss my old house for that...... I used to ahve a big bathtub. Now I have to live on showers......
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baths are the best.
i've been taking more baths lately.
maybe that's y ive been so sleepy these days hmmm odd
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I used to take a bath 2-3 times a week. I would take a magazine in there and light candles along the inside (by the wall) of the tub. Cupid would come in there and keep me company.

Lately, I just haven't felt like taking a bath. It just seems sooooo boring. I love love love showers, though. I like the flowing water more than the stagnant water, and I like that I can get in and get out. I always took a shower after a bath anyway because I didn't feel clean unless I did.

It's weird that I don't like them anymore because I used to love them...and it's winter so you'd think I'd enjoy them more.
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Oh yes, I take a bath everyday and love them. I love it when I have the house to myself, can put on some music and lie back and relax in a soothing bath filled with something nice and smelly.

I had more surgery this week so I'm back to perching in a couple of inches of water, having a quick wash and getting out again. Definitely not a very relaxing experience. Roll on the day in a week's time when I can lie back in soothing warm water.
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Maybe it's to do with my generation, but I prefer baths to showers and try to have a bath every day, usually with at least two cats prowling on the edge, reaching for my toes and playing with the bubbles! In my new French house I am installing a bath with jets for my bathroom, as well as a sit-down shower - the best of both worlds!
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I very rarely take a shower. I have a garden tub so I just soak until my skin can't stand it any longer. I usually have company sitting on the side of the tub. Of course I cannot pee without them, so the same goes for bathing.
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Originally Posted by captiva
I very rarely take a shower. I have a garden tub so I just soak until my skin can't stand it any longer. I usually have company sitting on the side of the tub. Of course I cannot pee without them, so the same goes for bathing.

Me too! We are lucky to have a jacuzzi tub in the bedroom, and Sasha sits on the "steps" to it, until I'm done. I take baths every other night during the winter. In the summer I open the big window right above it, and add a drop of juniper oil to the water - heaven.
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