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Need a little help here

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I need to let Kipper know I MEAN BUSINESS! This is getting out of control here. If any of you have read about Mr. Mushi Face's progress, you know that I brought a kitten into my home, with my resident cat(Kipper).

Well the progress is not good. In fact today, I am so mad. I wanted to change the kittys, meaning take Kipper into Mushies room, and let Mushy come out and play. He hasnt been out all day, so he was very excited to come out.

Well, Kipper knew what I was up to, and hissed at me, and growled at me, and went to stab my face when I tried to lure him into the bedroom.

So then I went to grab him, and he clawed up my hand and arm. So I put him back down, and he WOULD NOT MOVE! He sat there, No matter what I did. I tried the catnip, he turned away, I tried the wet food can opening, he didnt budge. I EVEN tried his FAVORITE cat treats, nope, he's not budging.

This wouldnt make me so mad, if he wasnt going after all of us. I know he's p'd off about the new kitten, but really, does he need to lash out at us?!! He's clawed my daughter, me, and tore my husband up. All at the times when he knew the kitten may have been around, or that we were going to switch thier rooms.

I give Kipper LOTS of love, when he will take it. Please help me move my very very STUBBORN cat. This is just ridiculous. He needs to know I mean business. And he doesnt, he still thinks he can get away with anything. He's a Big boy. He's about 16 lbs, and when he goes to stab, he uses all that weight, and goes for the gold(our veins)lol. Help please!!
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Why dont you just let the cats out together for a little bit and see what happens, they have to learn to live together sometime.
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I have tried that. Not so good. The kitten is 6 times smaller than Kipper, and Kipper went to attack the kitten when they were first "introduced", and it wasnt a good attack, it was an "I'm going to kill you" attack.

But I scooped the kitten up, and Kipper ran into my leg. And that's when I knew I had to start the whole progress over again. So I did, and it seems like I might just have to have a cat in the house, and my kitten in the bedroom. Because that's the way Kipper is making it.

He still hasnt budged...just sitting there growling. No one is even touching him, and the kitten is in the bedroom.
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With that level of aversion, I wouldn't put them together. It could be really ugly.

Try maybe bringing a blanket or towel that Mushy has slept on and put it near Kipper's food or water. He should learn to associate Mushy's smell with food, which is a positive association.

Although if he stops eating I'd relocate the blanket!
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Leah -

I have recently experienced a similar problem while introducing my sister's new cat, a 9-year-old declawed female, to my herd of 3. 2 of my babies (the alpha female & the boy) accepted the new girl with very few issues. But my youngest girl, Pete Pete (age 8) is a different story. Even with an incredibly gradual introduction (4 months long!) she would continue to hiss, spit, & act up whenever she saw the new girl. She would get angry & take it out on her littermate, myself & my husband. So far only two things have helped:
1. Bach Flower Essences. These are an all-natural remedy that can assist with behavioral & emotional issues. I bought a combination made especially for kitties called Peacemaker from www.spiritessence.com. You would not believe the difference it has made in Pete Pete. She is far more tolerant, slower to anger, and much more loving to all those around her. She's still not a fan of the new girl, but they are able to be in the same room together with no theatrics.
2. Tellington T-Touch. This is a hands-on method (for lack of a better description, kind of like massage) of behavior modification that has also calmed Pete Pete down. You can learn it from a book (as I have) or in a class, though a combination of the two is recommended. Check out http://www.ttouch.com/howttouch.shtml for more information.

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