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Dandruff on cat's fur

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My cat has bad dandruff, it comes and goes, meaning it is sometimes more noticeable than other times. When she is stressed, it obviously is bad. I live in a dry apartment and will be getting a humidifier to help that. My vet suggested i switch foods, which i did, but it hasn't helped. I also bought some no-water grooming spray that i use when i brush her.

I hope it is not uncomfortable for her, she doensn't seem to be bothered by it, and she is a very clean cat. Is there anything else i can use? I've heard of putting oil drops in food? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Sorry, i did a search on the forum and found a lot of other have this problem and have solved it many ways. I also called my vets office.

Thanks though!
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what food is currently being feed and how long has it been feed?? what did you switch from??
How old is the kitty in ??
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Omega-3 oil worked wonders for Mellie's dandruff. I bought it at a health food store. Liquid in gel caps. Just prick a hole in the cap and squirt on food.
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you can also try Pet Gold Skin & Coat Gel Caps for Dogs & Cats, available at Petco, basically the same as what Coaster said. 100 caps about $9 You should be able to also get a liquid( for skin and coat) that goes on there food for the same thing.(dandruff)
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Posh (my kitty) was eating Nutro, but i switched her to Innova b/c it is supposed to be a healthier food. That hasn't been working. She is 3. My vet said i should use wet food - an Omega 3. I'm not big on wet food b/c it's messy and smelly. but will do whatever to help Posh
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Hi ckat,
Beauty has the same issue...it's really bad right now because we don't have a humidifier (yet). For a while I was feeding her the Royal Canin Indoor Cat Formula, as it has a high level of Omega-3 (above 3%). It helped, but didn't get rid of the dandruff.
her and other cats were really soft for the 2 weeks! Plus they loved the flavor...too bad it costs $10 for a small bag.

We're taking Beauty in for a grooming treatment in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that will help.
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