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Bad breath and pulling fur out

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I have a 9month old bengal, neutered. He seems to be in excellent health except his breath is foul and he keeps pulling his fur out. I thought it may be a food allergy and switched food several times. After reading a similar post I thought I might not be giving the food a long enough trial. Any suggestions as to what this is and what food might be best.
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Foul breath in a young cat is a sign of some sort of infection going on. I would have the vet take a look at his teeth and if he doesn't find anything there, I would have them run a blood test.
With the furr pulling, it could be a few things. If he is plucking it in patches, more than likeley the cause is some sort of stress or anxiety. Allergies usually just cause them to lick the fur away a little and you see quite a bit of redness. If you think it's a food allergy, they need to be on one food for at least 4 to 6 weeks. It's also best and faster if you get an RX diet for alleriges.
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Bad breath or halitosis as it's called can be related to ginvitis, an abcessed tooth, hair stuck in the teeth, oral ulcers, mouth tumors, kidney diease and periodontal diease. Most likey at your kittie's age it's gingivitis and that can be taken care of by starting a dental care routine. If this persists you should have your veterinarian take a look at his teeth.

As for the hair pulling part first you should rule out parasites such as fleas or mites. Fungal infections could cause this too. Even allergies can do this too because the irritation of the allgeries would cause exsessive grooming.

Another reason could be feline OCD but the best thing would be for the kitty to see the vet to find out the cause and find the best solution for him and you. :tounge2:
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Thanks for the replys. Rikki definitely does not have fleas, and when I got him fixed I asked the vet about his breath and he said nothing wrong with the teeth. I think I need to push him to look further into this.
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If inhaled or food allergies are ruled out (by the way, the vet can do a blood test to find out), then I would see if it's anxiety related. You could try giving him a few drops of Dr Bachs rescue remedy twice a day for about a week to see if it helps at all.
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