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A possible new feline addition to the family... and a question

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I've been itching for a new kitty, and have fawned over several (including a dilute tortie at Petsmart I posted about here) for the last few months... well, a chance for a kitten has just presented itself. A lady at my local Ace hardware has 4 kittens. She's keeping one, and another has been specifically claimed. A third has been tentatively claimed, but the humans involved haven't decided which one they want. So, it may be up to me. They're between three and four months old. I havne't seen them yet, but here's a description:

The female is a Calico mix, she's white with calico markings mixed in, medium length fur...

The male is gray and white, medium length fur...

neither are fixed, so while I was walking to the grocery store, I stopped at my vet and asked about visit costs and spay/neuter. neuter is 115 and spay for the girl is 245... of course these prices seem REALLY high to me... any local clinics that might be considerably cheaper?

They're very active and playful... which'll give my two 3 year olds (well 3 and 3 and a half) a run for their money... she lives out in the sticks, while I'm in downtown Chicago... so she is thinking she has some errands to run along with bringing them here for me and JJ and Jack to meet... I mentioned the possibility of kitten-sitting both of them while she runs her other errands. She likes the idea, and this way I'd get to know both purrsonalities... if I have the time and opportunity, i'll post pictures of both before i pick. Unless one of them just outright adopts me...

I was hesitant for a bit about bringing a third cat in, becauase I may be moving next summer... but someone here asked yesterday about what they're thinking of doing about traveling a long distance with their pets... renting a van or something and setting up the crate in the back... brilliant!! I figure I can set up a litter box and food and water in the cargo area and get a cargo net to keep them from getting under foot while I'm driving...

Of course as I mention the possibility of moving away from Chicago to my local friends, they're all starting to plot ways to keep me here... including finding me affordable, decent housing that's the same size or bigger than what I'm in. (long story as to why I'll have to move out of this place.)

Anyway... I just wanted to bring this up today... I'll try to get pictures of the two of them tomorrow... if she brings them. She wants to diminish the brood by this weekend (she's refrained from doing her Christmas decorations because of the hyperactivity of the kittens...) I fully understand that... even though JJ and Jack don't mess with my decorations...

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How exciting can't wait to see the photos

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my best friend reminded me of the SPCA (okay... the blonde hair dye is sinking in ever deeper) for spay/neuter... the Chicgao SPCA is really affordable... I can afford them. I'll do my vaccinations with my vet, but go to the ASPCA for spay/neuter... I'm still not sure who I'll get... I'm all ansy now... I wanna pick my new Christmas prezzie to myself out... I think I'm leaning toward the girl, since she's a tortie mix... I love torties... though a boy will even the female vs male score in this household... right now it's two females (me and JJ) vs one boy (Jack)... though if I get the boy, I'll still be pining for a tortie... what to do... what to do...

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If you want to take a road trip to Milwaukee, we charge about $70 for males and $120 or so for females, not including pain meds. We also require all vaccines up to 16 weeks be up to date, and strongly recommend feline leukemia and fecal testing. We do our spays between 5 and 1/2 to 6 months old, before their first heat.
PS. I do not recommend buying any animal from a pet store....IMO.....
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the kittens at Patsmart aren't 'kitten mill' kitties ... the Petsmart I shop at has displays for local rescue organizations to show highly and not-so-highly adoptable kitties... so they're no 'kitten mill' cats... they're rescues...

the kittens I'm picking from are from a lady who has a litter...

Also... i found that the ASPCA charges $10 for feline spay/neuter. I'd take you up on your offer... but I also don't have a car... I have access to one, but for longer distances, it's not worth it (Chicago has a car-sharing system called i-Go, which I'm a member of. it's pretty cool, but for longer trips, it gets costly). I'll probably go with the ASPCA... once I decide which one, I'll call them for an appt in a month or so... I'll take him/her to my vet for its first round of vaccinations as soon as the choice is made. The first exam is 40... although all the tests are extra and do add up. i just didn't have to deal with all of this with JJ and Jack... they were a little older and I got them from the Humane Society (JJ) and a rescue operation (Jack), so they had their vaccinations and everything...

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That's good that they are rescues! Yep, the first year is the worst financially! But, they're worth every penny, in my book! I'm glad you could find a cheaper place. Good luck picking out your new kitty!
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Amanda you have a hard choice!!! I don't have one but I think the Torties are so pretty!! I am more partial to boys though. I love my two girls but the rest are boys. It might have something to do with having all boy children as well. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow!!
I think it will just click between you and the kitten you choose!!
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