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Same old story...different cats :sigh:

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Once again, someone has contacted me who needs to rehome their cats because they are moving to Texas (from NE Ohio). The catch is they are moving at the end of THIS WEEK. The other catch is that two of the cats (siblings) are 10 YEARS OLD and another that is 5 years old.

So, if by some miracle, there is someone out there who could take in these 3 or at least one of them...I am not expecting to find much by the end of this week but you never know. They are healthy, come with their records, spayed, all female. The 5 year old is a blue gray color. The other 2 I believe are brown tabbies, he was calling them SABLE colored so I am not positive. They have white bellies and white chins and paws.

He is planning to take them to be euthanized if he cannot find a home by Friday. Any help is greatly apprecieated. Even temporary.
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this kind of thing makes me angry....just because the owners are moving they want to dump their pets....and then have them euthanized !! i wish i could help. have you tried any of the rescue groups? a no-kill humane society? do you live near them; if so; can you temporarily foster them until suitable homes are found? i just feel so bad for these cats who are being dumped. (((
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have you tried posting this in another forum (www.bestfriends.com)...would need contact information...also ask the "owner" if he can hold out until a home is found. maybe he would consider going to tx with the cats and finding homes there. try posting this with the contact information on this forum...www.savingshelterpets.com and see if anyone on the forum knows someone who could help you.
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go to www.savethekitties.org and email Gianna privately and ask if she knows anyone who can help you.
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thank you very much!
I posted it on the 2 you mentioned but not bestfriends.com, it said it doesnt exist. I will try again. Thanks a lot. I am going to try to convince him to keep them longer or take them with him. Apparently he did try to find homes and called area shelters and they all said no.
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go to www.bestfriends.com, on left side of page you will see "news and top stories", click, then scroll down and you will see "special report", click then you will see "news reports" and "special stories". you can post there; but be more specific of your location and provide contact information. the shelters may be full from the overflow of katrina rescues. i don't understand why the guy won't take the pets he's had for at least 10 years maybe you can convince him to keep them is there any way you can foster them until more suitable homes are found? please; don't let him euthanize them.
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forgot...when you go to "news reports" click "information and resources"; you can post there.
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My only problem with fostering them myself is that I have 7 cats and not only do they not always get along, but I have enough trouble trying to stop them from peeing when I do something out of the ordinary. I have a 2 bedroom apartment and a boyfriend who would kick us all out if I brought home more cats, one perhaps but 3...I am also afraid I wouldn't be able to find a home for them. I couldn't find a home for the last kitten I found and he was a fully vetted, neutered baby, and no one wanted him. (I kept him btw) Hopefully someone out there cat help, but I don't know...I would rather he dump them at a rescue (like overnight) then have them euthanized, I hate saying that bc I worked at a rescue and I know how crazy it is and how much they hate when people dump there cats off but I just hate for them to be put down...
rrgg some people suck!
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do you think that perhaps a friend of yours, anyone in your family....anyone...can help these cats? i would hate to see that $*&#) person who owns them dumping them off at a shelter to be euthanized. can you ask around where you work? go to church or temple? please try to give them to people that you know...there are morons out there who might do harm.
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Oh believe me, I have been calling and emailing and begging and posting all over the place. I have people in central and NE Ohio who are looking too. A lady in Columbus (2.5 hours away) said she could hold on the them for a week and not much more which is great, but then we might not find a home in just one more week. rrgg people make me mad...and here I am getting all involved and they are not even my responsibility and i am going to feel horrible if i cannot help them, or that the guy will just get rid of them and tell me dont worry they are gone or something...
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The nerve of that guy - just dumping his pets off like that Years ago, when my apt. complex changed hands and wouldn't let me keep our dog, I moved to a town 45 miles away, and commuted!!! These are not library books, but COMPANION animals I am praying that you get good homes for those precious kitties very, very soon - unlike their owner, you are an angel!
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