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I bought a jeep!!

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As some may remember, my Passat estate car got stolen in the summer and since then I have been getting around by bus and taxi, except for my white van which I keep in France to deal with moving and building issues. I have been driven nuts the last few weeks not having a car here and I will need something to take me and the cats out of here when the time comes. So I saw this very swish jeep on ebay, and bid, and won! It will be perfect for the country, will tow a horse-box and do anything I ask of it. I will go to the UK and pick it up in a week or so and drive it back here. I am so excited.
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oh right on! I hope this one won't get stolen Jenny!

How do you transport it over to the continent, though? Ferry in to france?
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There are lots of car ferries, or the Eurotunnel train.
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If you have to go through frankfurt stop by for a coffee or so!
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WTG, Jenny!
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Jenny i love jeeps! What sort is it?
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Thats wonderful
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It's a red Grand Cherokee.
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Veeeeeerrry nice!!! I bet you can see yourself now with the top off, the sun shining and the wind blowing through your hair
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To bad I wasn't closer I would have sold you my Ford Explorer!! If I'm lucky I won't have it anymore as I'm going car shopping tomorrow.
Enjoy your new ride.
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Good luck Gail with your car hunt!
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Congratulations! How nice!
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Jenny that's wonderful. Congratulations. I have a Passat diesel and I have to say I absolutely adore it so I'm sure you must miss yours, but a Jeep is so awesome.
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