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Amazing Race

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Was anybody watching this or see the season finale? The family that won - (the Linz's ) is from the Cincinnati area. I'm going to be interviewing them at some point!
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I watched it! I was hoping the Weaver's would win just to see the look on the other teams' faces. The Linz family sure worked hard, though.
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The weavers were amazing and not in a good way. Hiding behind the cloak of christianity and then being rude and obnoxious and talking bad about the other teams. I wanted the Bransons to win, that dad worked so hard, but in the end, it all boiled down to geography. That sleepover in the field by the weavers was strange. I wondered why Rollie didn't just get up and look for the ticket himself?
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I am so glad that the Weavers didn't win. They annoyd me so much! I was hoping the Bransons would win.
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